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Links To Other Korean Pages

Want to know more about Korea? Then these links will help you.

General Korea Pages

The Korea Herald

I remember dying of boredom in Korea because I couldn't read the news. But then I found out about the Korea Herald. It was a good newspaper, well thought out. Coming back to Canada was hard. But I always know what's happening in Korea by reading up at the Korea Herald. Need news, go here.

The Korea Times

One day I couldn't get a Korea Herald(I thought I was going to die). But luckily, the newsstand owner told me about the Korea Times. I thought it only came out in Korean print. Well, I was wrong. It's ok but I still prefer the Korea Herald.


Looking to meet other Koreans? This is the place to go. You will have the opportunity to talk with other Koreans on the message board or in a chat room.

Travel Korea!

This site can basically help you plan your whole trip to Korea. Every province and region is listed here. Click on a province and you'll get information about the area and what it has to offer you. A very nice looking site that doesn't waste your time.

Asian Football Site

Soccer or Football? Damn it, make up your mind. If you want to know how the South Korean soccer team is doing then go to this site. It gives a run down of Asian soccer games played. I remember when a Korean soccer game would be on the TV. Everybody would be watching it. Worth a look.


Korea? Where's that? This site will give you everything you need to know about Korea before you go there. It outlines Korean customs and traditions, how to behave in front of your Korean hosts and a bit of Korean history.

Job Link Sites

Dave's ESL Cafe

A good site to go to if you're looking to teach English in another country. Many teaching positions in Korea can be found here. There is also a board where you can post your own ESL job search. I really recommend this site.

TEFL Job Site

A very big site that contains job postings from around the world. This link will take you to the Korean English teaching job listings board.

The Korean Connection

I've visited this job board many times and it doesn't seem to have been updated in a while. Although there are many jobs listed here, the date of their postings are very old. Visit the other two first then come to this site.

Alphabetcity TEFL Site

This is a nice looking job listing site. Surfing through the site is a breeze and the job listings are usually up-to-date. Give it a try!

If you have a site that talks about Korea, I'd like to know about it. I enjoy reading things about Korea. Also if you're Korean and have a web page, I will gladly add it to this page. If you like to have it posted on my link page then send it here.

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