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The first results of the "Limp Bizkit Fan of the Month" contest are in! I had such a hard time choosing a single winner, so I chose two. Both are, in my opinion, worthy of the title. Check it out...

Congradulations to July's winner(s)!

i deserve to be the lb fan of the month because ive done so many things to get to see them. like when the kid rock limp bizkit show was on and fred couldnt perform because he hurt his ankle well i sold my car to go to that and all i got to c was kid rock!!! and then i had no way to get back home because i had spent the money on a bus ride to the show and on the ticket for the show!!! and i just got back from seeing them in woodstock and i broke my arm because i was pushing so hard to get tp the front to c them and some guy picked me up and sent me crowd surfing and about half way to the front the crowd dropped me and i broke my arm and i have limp bizkit tattood on my chest!!! im patrick from virginia and im 19...limp bizkit is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Fred, Wes, Sam, Lethal, and John... Fred is sooo gorgeous!!! I have the phattest shrine to LB in my room... So big, that I have stuff that won't even fit on the walls, so I have to take everything down once a month to rearrange it all... My name is Kacidi Swanson... I am 15 years old... and my life goal is to meet Fred Durst... I have a "tattoo" of Limp Bizkit on my chest... That'sjust there 'til I get my real one in August... So please pick me!!! I don't have a scanner or I would send you a pic... Oh, yeah... I have a story about when I saw LB live at Hornet Field... "I was in the mosh pit with Emily, Arin, and Lutfiya and Emily and Lutfiya left, so it was just me and Arin... We were sitting on some guys shoulders that we didn't even know, just to see Fred Durst... But anyways, It was in between like Faith and Just Like This, I think... and Fred said in his cute little Jacksonville accent... "All the ladies out there sittin' on someone's shoulders, I wanna see your muthafuckin' titties, and when I start singin', I wanna see 'em muthafuckin' bounce!!!" So when he started singing, all the stupid bitches flashed him... But me... I waited 'til nobody was doing it, in the middle of Nookie, and I did it by myself and he smiled at me and nodded his head... And if I meet him ever, I will do anything he asks..." But that's my story... please please please please pick me as fan of the month!!! Love and Kisses: Kaci

Honorable mentions:
Hector Ertel
Justin Tyler
Mike a.k.a. Jynx - pic
And because these are the first results, I chose a 4th runner up as well...

Again, I remind you that it was extremely difficult to choose from so many entrees. If you weren't chosen this time, don't be discouraged. Enter again. There is always next month...and of course the month after that...and after that...

Rules and Instructions:
Send an email to explaining why you deserve to be "LB Fan of the Month" along with a photograph of yourself showing how much of a fan you are (optional, but recommended.) Include things like your name (first & last), age, location...etc. And please set the message subject to "LB Fan of the Month". You may submit every month, no more than once per month. If multiple entries are received during the same month, only the first entry is considered and subsequent entries will be disqualified. A winner will be selected every month. The winner's photo and info submitted will be posted on this page for all to see. Also, the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners up will be posted. So...get the recognition you deserve. Enter today!