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We are the industries top promoters of Network Marketing Opportunities. Our new and improved program gives you the edge you need to succeed in the financial world. Let us show you how easy it is to put your income on auto-pilot.

Universal Publishing Inc. (UPI) has developed a unique Computerized - Downline Building (CDB) sponsoring system that will allow you to generate an above average monthly income of $2,910.00, $9,471.00 or $29,154.00 in a few months!

Here's how it works...

When you join UPI as an Independent Marketing Executive, your name will be placed on the UPI Automatic Sponsoring database(CDB). Your name will remain on the CDB until you have 3 people sponsored for you. These people are your 1st level.

Then the 3 people on your first level will also be placed on the CDB until they also have 3 people each on their first level. This now gives you 3 people on your 1st level and 9 on your 2nd level.

Those 9 people on your second level will also be placed on the CDB and remain there until they have 3 people each sponsored for them on their 1st level. This now gives you 27 people on your 3rd level. By this stage you would have a total of 39 IMEs which you would be paid commission on every month.

We will continue to do this for you right down to 8th levels deep, giving you a total of 9,840 people that you will be paid commission on every month.

Here's how much you make...

Our system costs nothing to join (simply place your order) but has a potential to pay thousands of dollars the first month. Purchase a minimum of $45.00 (PV) worth of our Superior Herbal products each month at the wholesale price to receive all commissions and bonuses.

Once you have  purchased 45PV of product you will get paid a 5% - 10% commission on your applicable downline groups PV purchases every month up to 8 levels deep.

As your group grows every month, so does your commission check!

Have you ever seen such a powerful business like this before?

The most exciting business of the Millennium.

A business with:

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)DIRECT RESPONSE
RedBall.gif (916 bytes)NO RISK
Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)NO SELLING
RedBall.gif (916 bytes)FAST RESULTS
RedBall.gif (916 bytes)VERY SIMPLE
Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)GUARANTEED SUCCESS

A product of GENUINE VALUE TO ALL! A business where your structure will be built for you, with or without you, on first come first placed basis. With our state of the art Computerized - Downline Builder you will never have to worry about your financial future again.

Where will your downline come from?

We at UPI have over 20 years of experience in mail order and network marketing industry. UPI is promoted through various business opportunity and network marketing publications.

UPI has a dedicated marketing department, which promotes the UPI opportunity around the world. We run a huge direct mail campaign to a list of the hottest leads in the industry on a weekly basis. Direct marketing is our specialty since we own a mailing list company too. The company employs the best marketing experts in the field for our Internet advertisements.

There are no geographical boundaries!

UPI and Hundreds of our active distributors advertise our unique but powerful opportunity 24 hours a day around the globe from Canada to New Zealand.

This means that you could have distributors from all over the world within your business. Which such a powerful 24 hour recruiting machine, everyday people from all over the world are joining UPI. Will they be under you in your group?

With such a simple, powerful and risk free plan it's easy to understand why so many people are joining UPI.

You will never need to sponsor anyone or sell anything!

Join the Industries Best by clicking below. Its easy to join.  There is absolutely nothing to lose. Make the choice today.


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