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A Tribute To Caroline Dorough

Caroline Dorough-Cockran
April 12, 1961-September 12,1998

Help Howie!

Here is a messege from Howie to his fans.

"The outpouring of emotion and sympathy I have recieved from fans and the media has been overwhelming. Caroline was 37 when she lost battle with the disease called Lupus. This desease effects the immune system, often stricking young people like my sister, in there prime.

I would request that instead of sending cards and gifts in memory of my sister, a donation could be made to the fund I have established in her name. This donation would help towards the research of Lupus with hope a cure could be found, and no family would have to suffer a loss such as ours."

You can send any donations to:

Caroline Cochran- Lupus Fund at Florida Hospital

c/o Florida Hospital Foundation

616 E. Rollins St.

Suite 103

Orlando, FL 32803

Phone# (407) 897-1578

Fax# (407) 893-9494

Thank you.