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Jason Paul Brown

5ive's other rapper is Jason Brown and at 22 he is the oldest in the band. 'Sometimes I feel like Daddy 5ive cos I'm the one who organizes everyone.' But that doesn't mean the Warington lad J is the sensible one, oh no. 'People think that I' completely nuts,' girns J nuttily. He's the prankster in the group and he once grew his beard down to his chest.If J was a Spice Girl, he would be Mel G (Scary), cuz he;s wild and talks louder than anyone else. J likes to take charge. J hates feet, he thinks that feet don't look good on anyone, but feet are important to him; he won't start dating someone without checking their feet first. Bad feet, adn he's off. J is the daddy of the group, he makes sure that everyone is up in the morning.

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