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Fernando`s Masamune Shirow's Gallery!

Intron Depot

art book

Intron Depot 2 BLADES

Orion Computer Game

This page is in Japanese, but if you know how to read Japanese, but don't have a browser that can identify it, then I suggest that you view it through this gate? shodouka then introduce the url and then you can read it, it will display the kangis, hiragana and katakana in the page, or click here for a direct link using shodouka's portal!

A ghost in the shell animation thanks to Robert Walker. Visit his Ghost in the Shell Site!

Orion Images thanks to Asrafrate. Visit her Masamune Shirow page TODAY! It's UPDATED!!!! :)

If you love Masamune Shirow's work as much as I do then you can visit his american publisher dark horse comics and while you're there you can read an interview to Masamune Shirow by dark horse, and if you want to buy some of his graphic novels then you can buy thru dark horse'e site or thru this barnes and noble link! go to the Masamune Shirow selection.

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All Images Copyright Masamune Shirow Dominion, Appleseed, Orion, Intron Depot Copyrights Masamune Shirow & Seishinsha Ghost In The Shell Copyrights Masamune Shirow & Kodansha. All Characters, stories, and art copyright: Appleseed 1995 Shirow/Seishinsha. Black Magic 1990 Shirow/Seishinsha. Dominion 1996 Shirow/Seishinsha. Exon Depot 1996 Shirow. Ghost in the Shell 1991 Shirow. Orion 1993 Shirow/Seishinsha. Intron Depot 1991 Shirow/Seishinsha. All others pictures are copyrights of their respective companies and authors. Orion computer game copyright Game network Japan, and Seishinsha.This is a tribute Fan page and in no way I'm trying to commercialize with Masamune Shirow Sama's artwork. Please if there is a copyright error, please email me. I don't want to wear a Law Suit. Get it?

Everybody uses Email, right?, but do you know who is Email, you've used him and you even don't know who he is, well a friend of mine found him and here he is! Please meet Email!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the SW II photo of the week, enjoy!!! -.For Star Wars Fans.