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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Dice! Reviews

July/August 1995 - Audities - Houston, Texas

The Hippycrickets

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Dice! 4

1993 Self produced demo, 4 Tracks

Picks: Margaret Sez, Donít Bother Me, Calling Colleen, Fall Again

Not Unlike: The best 60ís pop and 80ís powerpop, with a sound all their own starting to develop

Comments: Four well played and catchy powerpop tunes

After hearing this nicely produced demo - which was recorded in 1993 by this Atlanta trio - Iíve added them to my list of bands that not only bear watching, but that I want to hear more from.  The band seems to have intentionally sought to capture a different pop era and tempo on each of the four songs (possibly trying to please more than one A&R person?) and succeeded admirably.

Donít Bother Me is tuneful sixties mod pop with Troy Paterson on supplying a big stompiní garage beat that will make you wanna go-cat-go.  Margaret Sez is pure 80ís powerpop: Rory Odaniís melodic vocals have a Steve Forbert-like wistfulness, and the song has all the correct ingredients: a snappy backbeat, good harmonies provided by bassist Jeff List (since replaced by Casey Jonko [sic]), and energetic hey hey heys (think Nick Gilderís Hold On Me Tonight) in all the right places.  Calling Colleen is a beautiful mid-tempo Badfinger-meets-XTC lament, and Fall Again captures that late seventies early eighties new wave sound.  Pop like the Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love? Exquisite guitar sound too.

Margaret Sez is planned for an upcoming powerpop band compilation on Paul Collinís Wagon Wheel Records, and the band is in the studio recording their first 7".  In the interim, check out the chirping by these Crickets on this giveaway priced offering. - Gary

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September 28, 1995 - Garden Grove Journal - Garden Grove, California

Hippycrickets - "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Dice" (no label)

This trio of Atlanta do-it-yourselfers is getting a four-song demo cassette into circulation - titled after a line from the movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" - and itís non-stop pop fun.

"Donít Bother Me" is a punchy, sharp-edged guitar-dominated number reminiscent of the Smithereens and Ď60s era Rolling Stones; "Margaret Sez" is a touch on the lighter side, with nice harmonies on the bridge and an insistent tambourine; "Calling Colleen" is a winsome love song; and "Fall Again" is almost punky in its presentation, but with a sticky melody.  These four songs are more than solid enough to make one wish for a full serving of pop from these boys.  Now will someone please tell me what a Hippycricket is?  Grade: A-.

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G Chord!!! 7" Single Reviews

May 1996 - Twist And Shake - San Mateo, California

The Hippycrickets "How Can I?"/"Matter Of Time"  Neither hippies nor crickets, this spirited band (Rory Odani, Casey Jongko, and Troy Paterson) exhibits a knack for muscular pop rock, flushed with haunting textures and taut rhythms.  "How Can I?" ably mines power ballad territory, while "Matter Of Time" crackles and pounds to a decidedly dark edge, highlighted by mesmerizing background harmonies.  Though similar to bands such as Badfinger and Artful Dodger, the Hippycrickets are arguably embedded with their own distinct personality.  Pressed on ice blue colored vinyl, this boss single can be yours for a mere four dollars (less than a meal at Burger King), so do yourself and the band a favor by purchasing it today!

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July/August 1996 - The Magazine - Farmingdale, New York

The Hippycrickets - G Chord (2 songs 7")

The reason I love doing this fanzine is discovering a really cool band like this one.  The Hippycrickets are a great pop band and I absolutely love this single.  How Can I, is a remarkable song, I love the melody line in this one.  I found myself listening to it over and over.  I even put it on tape so I can listen to it in my car.  Strong guitar lines, great backing vocals, catchy chorus.  Everything you want in a pop song.

Matter Of Time is less poppy but just as cool.  I hear a Smithereens influence.  The band has a strong sense of rhythm.  Kudos to drummer Troy Paterson and bassist, Casey Jongko.  By the way, I really like Rory Odaniís voice.  It has a unique quality to it that I just canít put my finger on.  Great job!  Oh yeah, cool blue vinyl by the way.  It put the icing on the cake.  This single is available through The Hippycrickets for $3.50 postpaid.  Trust me when I tell you it will be the best money you ever spent.  This single is sure to become a collectors item (JS)

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Summer 1996 - Rock Beat - Towson, Maryland

"How Can I?"/"Matter Of Time":  The Hippycrickets (Broken)

The Hippycrickets hail from Atlanta and consist of Rory Odani on guitar and vocals, Casey Jongko on bass and Troy Paterson on drums.  This is the bandís debut single, and theyíre off to a fantastic start.  The two songs were written by Odani and theyíre both great examples of hook and harmony-laden guitar pop.  The bandís sound exemplifies what was originally meant by the now-hackneyed term "power-pop":  on each track the band combines an aggressive and powerful instrumental attack with catchy pop melodies and harmonies for a sound that is reminiscent of the more pop-oriented moments of The Jam, The Smithereens and The Who.  The single is pressed on blue vinyl and comes in a picture sleeve.

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Winter/Spring 1997 - Pallid Pilgrim The Optional Art Newsletter - Seattle, Washington

The HIPPYCRICKETS How Can I? b/w Matter Of Time

In a perfect world, this really cool 45 would be shooting up the charts even as I write.  But, as pop fans readily know, the world is not perfect, and weíve quit looking at the charts to confirm what weíve already discovered.  I keep reading and hearing The Hippycrickets compared to THE SMITHEREENS, but I just donít hear it.  The Hippycrickets are much poppier, and the hooks just keep coming.  Incidentally, I like the B-side slightly better than the A-side.  -JA

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Winter/Spring 1997 - You Could Do Worse - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

HIPPYCRICKETS "How Can I?" b/w "Matter Of Time" 7" (Broken)

Based in Atlanta, this three-piece puts out some really fine multilayered pop.  "How Can I?" is the song I canít stop singing.  "Matter Of Time" has the feel of late Ď60s psychedelic rock (The Zombies perhaps), complete with backing "ahs".  Released on Broken Records, with songs copyrighted by Bargain Bin Music, these three guys are underestimating their charm and appeal.  A bargain indeed.

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Inconceivable!!! CD Reviews


July 12, 1997 - Creative Loafing - Atlanta, Georgia

The Hippycrickets


No Tomorrow Records

Atlanta-based pop band The Hippycrickets make their CD debut on Inconceivable!, a collection of ten original tunes written by singer/guitarist Rory Odani.  The disc-opening "Matter Of Time" evokes the texture of classic Guadalcanal Diary songs, Odani sounding like a hoarser Murray Attaway and assuming a similar accusatory poet posture.  With stinging guitar hooks, Troy Patersonís powerful drums and the haunting backing harmonies of guest artists Jeff List and Michael OíHara, the effect is complete.

The Hippycrickets become Ď60s mod crooners during "Just Friends" (one of many sad love songs on the CD), asking plaintively, "Are we just friends or what?"  They muster some XTC bounce on "Margaret Sez," which features a great ascending chord pattern and harmonies at the end of each verse, and they put a beautiful little understated guitar solo in the middle of "Fall Again."  "How Can I?" affects a more modern britpop sound, and "I Guess Youíll Never Know" soars into Roxy Music-style chiming pop, although Odaniís down-to-earth voice keeps it well-grounded.  "Calling Colleen" is a slow and pretty song which makes clever use of its clever title in each chorus, but the discís best track is "Donít Bother Me," a thumping, twisting balst of garage rock that screams out for The Woggles to cover it.

Thereís really not much "hippy" in these Crickets, whose name more appropriately evokes Buddy Hollyís backing band.  That is, if you can imagine Holly sporting a blond pageboy haircut and small, mirror-lensed sunglasses - Gregory Nicoll

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August 1997 - Twist and Shake - San Mateo, California

THE HIPPYCRICKETS - "Inconceivable!" Echoes of old school power pop (particularly The Beat and The Plimsouls) abund like crazy on this full-length debut CD by The Hippycrickets, so you know youíre in for a tasty treat.  Because "Inconceivable!" makes an immediate impact upon first listen and is void of weak tracks, itís quite a challenge trying to single out songs and babble about them.  But I suppose I am partial to "Matter Of Time," "Just Friends," "I Guess Youíll Never Know" and "Fall Again."  A balanced diet of aggressive undertones and giddy melodies filter through the disc, circled by towering choruses and a diligent rhythm section that never misses a step.  The Hippycrickets should be shamelessly proud of "Inconceivable!" as it entails everything good there is about pop music!

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August 1997 - Babysue Review - Atlanta, Georgia


Inconceivable!  (CD, No Tomorrow, Pop)

The Hippycrickets have a really nice, slick, pure pop sound...and word is quickly spreading about their music.  The bandís songs are in the same general vein as Material Issue or even The Records at times.  Guitar chords ring loud and clear as cool harmonies glide by overhead.  Standout tracks include "How Can I?," "Just Friends," and "I Guess Youíll Never Know."  The band recorded and released this themselves, which is amazing considering the sound quality on these cool tunes.

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Fall 1997 - Not Lame Recording Company - Denver, Colorado

The Hippycrickets - Inconceivable! - This Southern pop band has put out one great 7" (songs are re-recorded here) and had one cool track on the Pop Matters comp a few years ago and finally their full length arrives!!!  And well done at that!  Bringing itís brand of Smithereens crunch, fringey, rough at the edges, hard on the pop elixir, The Hippycrickets buzz along w/ a American power pop pathos that taps into all the right viens.  Guitars sparkle in small, meaningful spots, choruses arrive in time to save the day and bring the whole project to great Plimsouls/Paul Collins Beat-crescendo.  Welcome, boys!  You did it right!!

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November 1997 - Rockbeat International - Towson, Maryland

Inconceivable!!!: The Hippycrickets

(No Tomorrow)

By Geoff Cabin

Over the past couple of years, The Hippycrickets have been steadily establishing themselves as one of the best new bands on the indie pop scene.  They continue to do so with the release of their first full-length CD, Inconceivable!!!.

The band is based in Atlanta and is centered around founding members Rory Odani (vocals and guitar) and Troy Paterson (drums).  The bass duties on the album are split between Jeff List and Casey Jongko.  Since the album was recorded, Trey Hollingsworth has taken over the bass slot and Steve Baskin has been added on lead guitar and backing vocals.

The band plays a wonderful style of guitar pop that combines an aggressive instrumental attack with catchy pop melodies and harmonies.  The bandís sound is strongly influenced by classic sixties British pop as well as pop rock acts such as The Beat, Tommy Keene, and The Smithereens.

The album kicks off with "Matter Of Time," which combines crunchy, Smithereens-style guitar with a brooding melody.  "How Can I?" is a mid-tempo rocker that is filled with ringing guitar and anthemic pop hooks.  On "Margaret Sez," the band sets its pop hooks to a faster-paced, high energy beat.  "Itís Over" is a brooding, melancholy number backed by chiming guitar.  On "Donít Bother Me," the band ventures into a rawer, garage-rock sound.  The album closes with "I Guess Youíll Never Know," a wonderfully melodic pop-rock number, backed by ringing guitar, chimes and a powerful beat.

This is an excellent debut album from a band that should have a bright future in front of it.

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August 1998 - Hartbeat - Germany

Since we spread out a bit on THE HIPPYCRICKETS in, I believe, issue #19, Troy Paterson, dr, and Rory Odani, gtr, vox, have been active with a little help from a friend or two.  They have now released their first CD "Inconceivable!!!" (US No Tomorrow BBM 003, 1997).  It's "Matter Of Time" standing out (not just because its the album's opener and also featured on "Fuzzy Logic" - but because its a brilliant track with a searing riff, a catchy melody line and some cool background vocals, yeah and I dig those breaks too).  Anyway the album bounces along with some inspired power poppin' and The Hippycrickets appealing melodies, melodies that stick and soon'll find you singing (humming in my case) along.  Nicely balancing the tempo, Rory and Troy prove they have always been in control of things and they sure deserve a chance to stretch out and develop and generally apply their abilities to some real conceptual band project.

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