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What's New With The Hippycrickets?

The Hippycrickets Current News
January 2005

This is our first update in many many months.  Lots of news to report!  In 2003, Rory and I went into Jamie Hoover's studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and began recording the follow-up to "Inconceivable!!!".  We finished in late Summer 2004 and mastered everything in the Fall.  We then started looking for a label and found someone pretty special to put it out!

We're working on artwork, publishing, copyrighting, etc. right now.  My guess is you will see a new Hippycrickets CD in the Summer!  Here's the track listing:

1.    She Likes It Like That
2.    Cry
3.    Wonderful
4.    Got My Eye On You
5.    Falling In Love
6.    Calling Colleen
7.    Time To Realize
8.    It's Over
9.    Found You Out
10.  Life Goes On
11.  She Wouldn't Listen To Me
12.  Just Out Of Reach
13.  Danger

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