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The Hippycrickets Home Page

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The Hippycrickets Home Page

Excerpted from a recent review...

The Hippycrickets

One awesome band from Atlanta, Ga., is The Hippycrickets. Influenced by The Beatles, The Plimsouls, and The Smithereens, these guys released one of the best power pop albums of 1997 with "Inconceivable!!!" Last year, the album charted in 13 markets, was played on 111 college stations and was reviewed in 17 different publications. The band also appeared on several power pop compilations and other releases.

ROCKBEAT describes them best: "The band's sound exemplifies what was originally meant by the now-hackneyed term 'power pop': on each track the band combines an aggressive and instrumental-oriented attack with catchy pop melodies and harmonies...reminiscent of the more pop-oriented moments of The Jam, The Smithereens and The Who."

Special thanks to our friend Casey "Spacecase" Jongko for helping us put this page together!

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The Hippycrickets
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