Previous JUST SHOOT ME Trivia Questions

Previous JUST SHOOT ME Trivia Questions

How many characters in the main cast (including Vicki) have been married?
Hint: Don't forget a certain unwanted marriage that was used as a cliffhanger...

Unfortunately no one got it: it was... all of them! Yep, all six, including Maya and Elliott's accidental wedding. Congrats to Cara Trombino for winning the last Trivia grand prize!

How many shot episodes have featured Donnie?
Cara Trombino was right: three!

What is Kevin's last name?
Homero Salazar has it right: it's Liotta!

How many total episodes of JSM were made?
Cara was closest, guessing 145... the answer is 147.

How many movies have starred David Spade (name above the title)?
Cara has the answers:
Tommy Boy
Black Sheep
Lost & Found
Emperors New Groove (voice)
Joe Dirt

When was the last time Finch met up with a Star Wars idol of his?
Cara Trombino had it right: he met Mark Hammill in season 3.

How many Christmas episodes have there been?
Chris was right: there were three.

What do Wendie Malick and her character Nina have most in common? Hint: Think of their pasts.
Cara Trombino has it right: they are both models.

Which famous producer/director is making an appearance on an upcoming JSM (a la Woody Allen, but this time it's in person)?
Cara Trombino got it right: it's George Lucas!

Where did Rena Sofer get her big break?
Chris got it right: Rena Sofer's first T.V. Series (Soap Opera) Role was as Amelia 'Rocky' McKenzie Domeq, in the T.V. series "Loving."

What does Elliott call his grandmother?
Chris Kelley got it right: it's "Noonie."

Where was Nina born?
The answer is she was born in Kansas, thanks to "bjfields1."

How many former NewsRadio cast members have guest starred on JSM (and who are they)?
"Krynda" got it right: Andy Dick, Dave Foley and Stephen Root have all guest starred.

What did Maya give her father for Christmas in "Jesus, it's Christmas?"
Hank Lewis got it right: "She gave him the letter to go pick up the tickets to a sporting event, which ended up getting Jack arrested by the INS in a sting operation."

What changed about Finch on the day before he was hired at Blush and the day he started his job?
Hint: See episodes "Rescue Me" and "Hit the Road, Jack."
Hank Lewis got it right: "His hairstyle. It suddenly became a 'Mullet.'"

How many times has Finch been fired?
Hank from Houston got it right: "Finch has been fired from his position as Jack's assistant twice--once when he yelled at Jack and was sent to the 'Downtown Office' and the other when Jack caught him with Allie."

What did Finch mistakenly think he was going to receive for Christmas in "How the Finch Stole Christmas?"
Hank Lewis got it right: Finch thought he was going to receive a Turtle calendar.

What did Martin Mull's character do to Jack to get fired?
Luna-P got it right: he sat naked in Jack's birthday cake.

In what episodes has Elliott's mother appeared?
Casey from NJ and Hank Lewis got it right: they were "Slow Donnie," "When Nina met Elliott's Mother," "Donnie Returns" and "The First Thanksgiving."

Which two famous sidekicks will have been on Just Shoot Me by the end of November?
Casey from NJ said it was Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy (sidekicks on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Singled Out). I accepted this answer but I would also have accepted Ed McMahon.

What sort of haircut does Finch have in one scene during the season premiere?
Hank Lewis was correct in describing it as a "mullet."

Where was Nina born?
Casey from NJ got it right again! She was born in Wisconsin and lived in Kansas after she was adopted. Either answer would have counted.

Which song did Finch and Justin skate to in "Finch on Ice?"
Eric and Natalie Perardi got it right: it was "Keep on Lovin' You" by REO Speedwagon.

What character was missing from the original JSM pilot?
Casey from NJ correctly guessed Finch. ROSS gets credit as well. He stated Maya's roommate was not in the original pilot. He was in the first season of the show so it is a technically correct answer.

What was the name of Maya's roommate in season one?
Gina A. from NJ got it right: it was Wally.

Whose advances was Nina trying to avoid when she was in the circus?
The "Amazing Honko" (sorry, no winner this time).

New question: What is Nina's real name?
Gina A. from NJ got it right: it's Claire Noodleman.

Which JSM stars have done NBC PSAs?
Casey from NJ correctly named Wendie Malick and Laura San Giacomo.

Who was the only person to improvise a line in "A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn?"
Casey from NJ got it right - Bernie Casey improvised: "That was the last time I saw the b----."

Who did Nina think Jack was when she first met him?
Our old friend Casey from NJ correctly guessed Elliott Gould to kick off the third year of the contest.

What is the connection between the episode "Jack Gets Tough" and the recent film Man on the Moon?
Casey from NJ won the contest by correctly guessing that Howard Gewirtz wrote this episode and pivotal episodes of Taxi involving Andy Kaufman's character Latka.

How many total awards has JSM been nominated for or won?
Gina A. from NJ got it right (congratulations!) - 6 Golden Globe nods, 2 Emmy nods, an Eddie Award nod, a Comedy Award nod, the list goes on... I will list them all Monday.

What was kind of business did Jesus the janitor want to go into and what was it's name?
Casey from NJ got it right: Jesus wanted to run a restaurant called "Jesus' Juices."

Which actresses have played Jack's ex-wives so far?
Sivan got it right: The actresses that have played Jack's ex-wives so far on JSM are: 1. Jessica Walter - as Eve Gallo, Maya's mother, on "Eve of destruction". 2. Victoria Principal - on "Love is in the Air".

Who was Adrienne reportedly spotted with after leaving Finch?
Gina A. from NJ correctly guessed Ben Affleck.

On which fourth season episode so far has Adrienne not appeared?
Gina A. from NJ correctly guessed "Jack Vents."

How many women were both Finch and Elliott interested in?
Casey from NJ again got it right: there were five - Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, the girl from La Cage, Courtney and Carmen Electra.

What is the inconsistency between "Lies and Dolls" and "Rescue Me" involving Elliott?
Casey from NJ once again got it right: Elliott had hair in "Rescue Me" but they remarked that he didn't have hair in high school in "Lies and Dolls."

Which of the many rumors about Finch is actually true (it is mentioned twice on the show)?
Casey from NJ got it right again: Finch was indeed the original Nicholas on EIGHT IS ENOUGH.

Who did Nina mistakenly say she would like to have dinner with?
Casey from NJ got it right: "Nina said she wanted to have dinner with Gore Vidal when she meant Vidal Sassoon."

David Spade started out on SNL and has gone on to do JSM. Quite a few SNL alums have done the same (gone on to sitcoms). How many can you name?
Casey from NJ got the most right:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus was on Seinfeld
Eddie Murphy is on The PJ's
Phil Hartman was on Newradio
Jon Lovitz was on Newsradio
Norm MacDonald is on The Norm Show
Dennis Miller has Dennis Miller Live
Janeane Garofalo was on The Larry Sanders Show
Dan Akroyd was on Soul Man
Jane Curtin was on Kate & Allie and 3rd Rock from the Sun
Damon Wayans is on The Wayans Brothers,& In Living Color
Dana Carvey had The Dana Carvey Show
Jan Hooks was on Designing Women
Ben Stiller had The Ben Stiller Show
Chris Rock had his own show
Rob Schneider was on Men Behaving Badly
Jim Breuer had a show on MTV
Chevy Chase had The Chevy Chase Show
Paul Shaffer went onto The Late Show with David Letterman
Jay Mohr will star on Action this fall
Chris Rock was on In Living Color
Al Franken was on Lateline

What was unusual about Wendie Malick's character on "Seinfeld?"
Arthi from Denver got it right: she had a bad '60s hairdo.

What does Finch have on his night stand according to Maya?
Gina A. from New Jersey guessed it right - she says Finch has a lot of Luke Skywalker action figures in "The List."

Who (besides the main cast) does Red Finch always run into when he visits?
Ben Phillips of Ft. Worth, TX correctly guessed Persky, who was assaulted twice by Red.

Which Hitchcock films have been parodied on JSM?
Ben Phillips of Ft. Worth, TX correctly guessed Psycho was in "Mask" and The Birds was in "Slow Donnie."

What is the name of JUST SHOOT ME's theme song and in which episode did we in the U.S. finally hear it in full?
Katrina Lentz from Ada, Oklahoma got it right: the name of the song is "Life Keeps Bringing Me Back To You" and we first heard it in the episode "Steamed." With this answer she won the first contest.

Who used to torment Elliott in high school?
Megan Weeman got it right again: it was Deke or "the Dekester" if you will.

Which actor made his first appearance on a TV series on JUST SHOOT ME?
Megan Weeman of Kennebunk, ME got it right again: "Woody Allen made his first sitcom appearance on Just Shoot Me in the episode "My Dinner With Woody." He wasn't actually on the show, but the voice on the phone at the end is really him. He recorded his lines in New York and sent them to the studio."

How many times has Courtney from accounting appeared or been mentioned on the show?
Megan Weeman from Kennebunk, Maine got it right again: "Courtney from accounting (played by Megan Gallivan) appeared first on the episode 'The Walk,' then was mentioned in 'Bravefinch' with the line 'If I get killed, tell Courtney in accounting I love her...,' and, most recently, she appeared in 'The Witholder.'"

How did Steve Levitan's idea for JUST SHOOT ME begin?
Megan Weeman from Kennebunk, Maine got it right: "Steve Levitan was working as a writer on "The Larry Sanders Show" when he thought up an idea of having Janeane Garofalo left in a room to entertain a beautiful but stupid model and the contrast between the two. This idea turned into a pilot and then the series JUST SHOOT ME."

Who runs David Spade's Official Fan Club?
Megan Weeman of Kennebunk, Maine knew that David Spade's mother, Judy Todd runs the club. Judy was seen during the cast's recent appearance on THE HOWIE MANDEL SHOW.

Who was originally written into the "Lemon Wacky Hello" script as a guest star but didn't appear?
Megan Weeman from Kennebunk, Maine correctly guessed Buck Henry.

Which Laura San Giacomo movie was just released on DVD this week?
Katrina Lentz from Ada, Oklahoma correctly guessed sex, lies and videotape.

Which famous model was once Nina's roommate?
Ben from Ft. Worth, TX correctly guessed Twiggy.

How many times have we seen the inside of Jack's house, and on which episodes?
Katrina Lentz of Ada, Oklahoma correctly guessed that we have seen Jack's house 6 times, in the episodes "The Devil and Maya Gallo" and "What the Teddy Bear Saw."

How many times have Elliott and Maya kissed (including in their dreams)?
Aby L. from Nebraska correctly guessed 5 times (once for real and twice dreamt of in "In Your Dreams," and twice in "The Kiss.")

What was Nina's nickname when she was a model?
Dan Fiore of Summit, NJ correctly guessed her nickname was the "Gotcha Girl."

What were the characters' names (Elliott never got one) in the MAD magazine parody?
Once again, Katrina Lentz of Ada, Oklahoma came through with the correct answer: Maya was Mayo, Jack Gallo was Jock Shallow, Finch was Flinch, and Nina was Nooner.

How many real models have guest starred on JUST SHOOT ME (don't count Carmen Electra)?
Katrina Lentz of Ada, Oklahoma correctly guessed four.

How many times has Jack played his banjo on the show?
Sara from Roswell, GA guessed correctly that he played it twice, in Hannah's room and in his office.

How many times have one of Maya's fellow employees slept over at her apartment, which ones were they, and why?
Matt Moore knew that Nina slept over and ended up sleeping with Waldo in "Nina's Birthday," and later Elliott was there sleeping with Maya's journalist friend in "Sewer!"

How did Nina know about Maya's alma mater and what was the name of the school?
Nina knew of Maya's old school, Woodbridge, because she "was a stepmother for over a month." Matt Moore guessed this correctly.

On which episode did 2 cast members do impressions of 2 other cast members on separate occasions, and who did an impression of who?
Charles Van Doren, I mean Dan Fiore of Summit, New Jersey correctly guessed that Finch did an impression of Maya ("Sorry, dad, it's me.") and Elliott did an impression of Jack ("Ha!") in "The Walk."

Where did Maya go to college