JUST SHOOT ME Season Seven

Seventh Season:

701 - Guess Who's Coming to Blush? (10/8/02)

When Jack hires brash, opinionated Brooklyn-ite Vicki Costa (new cast member Rena Sofer, "Ed"), a woman he met on the street, to make sweeping changes at Blush, the staff get her to quit by telling her Jack only wants her around so he can seduce her. But when they learn it's not true, Maya tries to convince the former hair salon employee to come back. Meanwhile, Finch preys on a distraught female co-worker (guest star Amy Farrington) in the hopes she'll take comfort in his arms.

702 - Mr. Jealousy (10/15/02)

Jealousy of Vicki eats at Blush staffers, especially Finch, who hatches a scheme to turn Jack against her. Dick Clark portrays himself.

703 - Nina and the Rocker (10/22/02)

Nina begins a romance with British rock and roll icon Simon Leeds (guest star Simon Templeton) but when the two of them decide not to sleep together, they become engaged in a battle of will power. Meanwhile, Jack proudly shows off his new pocket watch, until Elliott begins carrying one as well, and Maya pushes an unwilling Vicki to discuss the breakup of her marriage.

704 - Halloween? Halloween! (10/29/02)
by David Finkel & Brett Baer

At Nina's Halloween party, Finch and Jack compete for the affections of Blush's new cover model Kelly (guest star Brooke Burns, NBC's "Dog Eat Dog"). But when the supermodel chooses Finch, he finds out later that she's a lesbian who thinks he's a woman and goes to great lengths to keep his secret from her. Meanwhile, a jealous Elliott tries to stop Vicki from going home with a guy (guest star Colby Donaldson, "Survivor") she met at the party.

705 - Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro (11/12/02)

Gina Gershon guest stars as Rhonda, the beautiful but foul-mouthed sister of Vicki who immediately falls for Elliott. But when Elliott feigns interest in Rhonda only to ultimately make himself seem more interesting to Vicki, he finds himself in an awkward situation and only Finch can save him. Meanwhile, Jack annoys the entire office when he sets up closed-circuit cameras everywhere in an attempt to keep his eye on everyone while is home recovering from foot surgery.

706 - That Burning Passion (11/19/02)
by Stephen Lloyd

Vicki’s ex-husband Pete (guest star Danny Nucci, "Titanic") comes to Blush in a futile attempt to reconcile with her, and Maya’s offer to play intermediary results in her sleeping with Pete and now keeping the secret from Vicki. Meanwhile, Nina (Wendie Malick) gets even with her cheating boyfriend Simon (guest star Simon Templeman) and Finch has trouble keeping Jack on a diet.

707 - Watch Your Backdraft (1/14/03)
by Vivien Mejia

When Vicki and her ex-husband, Pete (guest star Danny Nucci, "Titanic"), get back together, a rejected Maya tries to heal her wounds. But when Pete confides to her that the couple's reunion may have been a mistake, it becomes more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Finch creates a fictional staff employee in order to obtain a company parking spot.

708 - The Write Stuff (12/3/02)

Maya ghost-writes a poem for Finch so he can get a good grade in his class, but when Jack shows the piece to the editor of a literary magazine (guest star Lynnette Gaza), Finch quickly becomes their new star writer and a jealous Maya tries to prove to everyone that Finch is a fraud. Meanwhile, Vicki and Elliott coax a reluctant Nina into modeling once again, by hiring her arch rival, former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs (as herself), to replace her.

709 - It's Raining Babies (1/7/03)

After Nina becomes the butt of yet another Finch practical joke, she enlists the help of Vicki to give him the ultimate payback - which comes just in time for Finch to meet his idol, film director George Lucas ("Star Wars"). Meanwhile, Elliot has a crisis of confidence when Jack dismisses one of his photos.

710 - Pictures of Lily (4/22/03)

Finch tries to live out a teenage fantasy when he meets Lily Harris (guest star Morgan Fairchild), who 20 years earlier was the centerfold model Finch idolized. But Finch's main hurdle is Lily's current boyfriend, an ex-military man (guest star Michael Fairman). Meanwhile, Nina and her rock-star boyfriend Simon (guest star Simon Templeman) discuss moving in together -- until Jack gets in the middle -- and Maya tries to help Vicki (Rena Sofer) pay her rent by giving her $1,000 disguised as a bonus.

711 - The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red (4/22/03)
by David Finkel & Brett Baer

Finch’s dad, Red (guest star Brian Dennehy, "Death of a Salesman"), is forced into early retirement from the fire department and needs a job, so Finch sets up his dad to be Jack’s driver -- but Jack sees red when bossy Red also drives him crazy. Meanwhile, at a comedy show, Elliott is the target of insult comic Buddy Rivers’ jokes (guest star Jack Carter, "The Jack Carter Show"), so he enlists his Uncle Jimmy (guest star Len Lesser, "Seinfeld") to write heckling material to get back at Rivers. Nina convinces Maya to reunite with an old high-school flame.

712 - Evaluate This! (11/24/03 - syndication only)
by Ellen Byron and Lisa Kappman

At Vicki's suggestion, Jack asks all the Blush staff regulars to anonymously evaluate his work. Meanwhile, Nina sprains her ankle after Maya suggests she walk somewhere, and Maya has to take Nina's place at a fashion event. When Maya has a great time, Nina becomes jealous.

713 - The Goodbye Girl(11/25/03 - syndication only)

When Nina has a hair emergency, she enlists the help of Vicki, but when Vicki starts offering to do even more haircuts at Blush, it gets her into hot water with Jack. Meanwhile, Elliott begins paying a high price when he asks Finch to help organize his life, and Nina is thrilled to discover she's become the subject of a drag queen's revue.

714 - Strange Bedfellows (11/26/03 - syndication only)
by Stephen Lloyd

Jack is attracted to the feminist (guest star Nora Dunn) who is threatening a boycott of Blush. Nina's dead friend Binnie appears from the dead and tells Nina she will soon cheat on Simon, much to Nina's displeasure.

715 - A Simple Kiss of Fate (7/19/03)
by Hillel Abrahms

Simon (guest star Simon Templeman) is about to pop the question to Nina, but she panics when she has to tell him she's still married to her last husband - the enchanting Roland Devereaux (guest star Jon Lovitz, NBC's "Saturday Night Live"). Jack finds the perfect man for Maya - his lawyer - but Maya sticks to her instincts and falls for a radical naturist.

716 - The Talented Mr. Finch (7/12/03)
by Mike Lisbe & Nate Reiger

Finch forgets to tell Jack about an important meeting with foreign clients, so he assumes Jack's identity and attempts to close a deal without Jack's knowledge. Meanwhile, Nina and her rock star boyfriend Simon (guest star Simon Templeman) force themselves to go clean in an attempt to get Nina's hard-partying granddaughter (guest star Sasha Barrese) to change her ways, and Elliott seizes an opportunity to confront his high school bully (guest star Jason Marsden).

717 - There's Something About Allison (7/12/03)
by Ellen Byron & Lissa Kapstrom

Jenny McCarthy ("The Jenny McCarthy Show") returns to guest-star as Finch's best friend, Bert -- now a transsexual named Brandy - who joins Finch as a couple at their high school reunion in order for Finch to arrive with a beautiful blonde while Bert can attend without revealing his true identity. At the reunion, the girl they both competed for in high school (guest star Kristy Swanson, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") hits it off with Brandy and reveals her past crush on Bert. Meanwhile, Maya and Elliott decide to become intimate -- with no strings attached.

718 - Rivals in Romance (7/19/03)

Jack and Finch prepare for a meeting with Tate Gittling (guest star Alan Rachins, "L.A. Law"), the publisher of Blush's biggest rival magazine, in an attempt to join together for a charity function. But when Finch becomes romantically involved with Gittling's assistant, Bridget (guest star Judy Greer), he drops his guard and she sets him up to make Jack look bad. Meanwhile, Nina becomes jealous of her rock star boyfriend's (guest star Simon Templeman) celebrity status.

719 - Donnie Redeemed (8/2/03)

When Elliot's conniving brother Donnie (guest star David Cross) pays a visit, the photographer raises his guard and hides his wallet. However, when the former con artist claims to be a changed man, sharing both his finance and latest business strategies with his brother, a tentative Elliot begins to let his guard down. Meanwhile, Nina enters into a fierce game of chance with Jack, as the over-competitive magazine owner will stop at nothing to beat her.

720 - My Fair Finchy (8/2/03)

As Finch enjoys the perks of his intense physical relationship with girlfriend Rhonda (guest star Gina Gershon), Maya feels the need to educate her about the true joys of the emotional bond she shares with new boyfriend Adam (guest star Matt Ross), throwing a wrench into Finch's love life. Meanwhile, Jack shares his ability to charm the office cleaning woman with Nina locking the two of them in a battle of compliments for the maid's affections. Elsewhere, Elliot wrestles with his jealousy regarding Maya's new romance.

721 - Son of a Preacher Man (8/9/03)

Nina pretends she's a prim, proper lady in order to impress Simon's (guest star Simon Templeman) conservative parents, but their engagement party spins out of control when dirty little secrets begin to surface. Elliott rents an apartment in Jack's building but soon regrets the day he moved in while Finch muses about murder after learning that Jack is leaving him $1 million in his will.

722 - The Last Temptation of Elliott (8/9/03)
by Aaron Korsh

Maya hires a new intern (guest star Richard Kind, "Spin City") for Blush, only to discover he's an embittered 45-year-old. Meanwhile, Jack helps Nina plan for her wedding to Simon (guest star Simon Templeman), who fumes when his one suggestion for the occasion is rejected and Finch unleashes his charm on the pious women in Elliott's new Bible study group.

723 - For the Last Time, I Do (8/16/03)
by Jon Pollack & Judd Pillot & John Peaslee

As Nina prepares for her wedding to rock star Simon Leeds (guest star Simon Templeman), she feels threatened by his old friend Skylar (guest star Amy Yasbeck, "Wings"), the minister asked to perform the ceremony. Hoping to solve this pre-wedding problem, Jack enlists Finch's help to keep Skylar away for this blessed event, while at the same time making sure the entire wedding goes off without a hitch. Slightly depressed about her own love life, Maya takes matters into her own hands. Corbin Bernson ("LA Law") also makes a cameo appearance as himself in the episode.

724 - Future Issues (8/16/03)
by Steve Levitan

Jack announces his sudden retirement, appointing Maya the new head of Blush. Despite their shock over this sudden announcement, Elliot, Nina, Finch and Maya arrange an office farewell party for Jack who decides to forgo the festivities, retreating to his office to avoid the fuss.
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