Sixth Season:

601 - Finch in the Dogg House (9/27/01)
by Brian Reich

Jack finds out that Finch slept with Allie and Finch is fired. He gets a new job with Snoop Dogg (playing himself).

602 - The Two Faces of Finch, Part 1 (10/11/01)
by David Hemingson

When new security guard Betsy Frayne (guest star Amy Sedaris, "Strangers With Candy") arrives at Blush, Finch tells everyone she used to stalk him at college and tried to steal his personality. But when the facts come out (through a flashback to Finch's college days), Finch is revealed as the one who stole her mannerisms and he now must face the Blush staffers. Meanwhile, Elliott fears confronting Jack for continually taking Elliott's food from the company refrigerator.

603 - The Two Faces of Finch, Part 2 (10/18/01)
by David Walpert

Finch begins dating his female "clone" Betsy (guest star Amy Sedaris, "Strangers With Candy") but has second thoughts when he realizes her personality is just too "Finchy." Meanwhile, Maya tries to convince Nina that her unusually high pay raise has nothing to do with Jack being her father.

604 - Bye Bye Binnie (10/25/01)
by Maria A. Brown

Nina’s friend Binnie passes away and everyone at Blush is concerned about the way she is handling her grief, especially when she takes the urn with Binnie’s ashes everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, Finch worries about possibly being replaced by Jack’s new computerized organizer and convinces Jack to give him a Gallo family scholarship to go back to college - using the money Maya has already promised to a needy immigrant.

605 - Maya Judging Amy (11/1/01)
by Donick Cary

Maya's new assistant, Amy (guest star Tiffani Thiessen, "Beverly Hills 90210"), takes Blush magazine by storm with her excellent credentials and -- to Maya and Nina's dismay -- her good looks. But before Maya has a chance to fire her for being too flirtatious, Jack gives her a promotion. Meanwhile, Elliott's attempts to play matchmaker for mailroom clerk Kevin (guest star Brian Posehn). David Spade also stars.

606 - Finch Chasing Amy (11/8/01)

Finch and Elliott ferociously compete for the affection of Amy (guest-star Tiffani Thiessen, "Beverly Hills, 90210") Blush magazine's new sex columnist. But while it seems she initially favors Elliott, an emergency with Amy’s beloved cat gives Finch the upper hand. Meanwhile, Maya and Nina get into their own heated battle when Jack starts randomly awarding points for good story ideas for the magazine.

607 - The Haves and the Have-Mores (12/6/01)
by David Finkel & Brett Baer

The prospect of sealing a deal with an arrogant media tycoon turns Jack into a toady; Kevin's overattentiveness freaks out Nina and Maya.

608 - Christmas? Christmas! (12/13/01)
by David Finkel & Brett Baer

Kevin the mailroom clerk (guest star Brian Posehn) introduces the Blush staff to his cousin -- movie star Ray Liotta (guest starring as himself). Maya is thrilled when Ray shows an interest in dating her -- until she discovers his very unsettling obsession with all things Christmas. Meanwhile, Jack dresses up as Santa for the kids and discovers something less than sweet about his daughter Hannah (guest star Jenna Boyd), and Finch and Nina are forced to spend Christmas together -- stranded in a snowdrift on the way to Philadelphia.

609 - Nina Van Mom (1/10/02)

Nina is shocked when she learns the daughter she gave up for adoption, Chloe (guest star Paula Marshall, "Snoops"), has tracked her down and wants to drop by Blush. But when Chloe tries to cut the visit short, Nina convinces her that Finch is her brother in an attempt to spend more time with her. Meanwhile, Jack's nasty, competitive side comes out when he loses to Elliott in a darts competition.

610 - Nina Van Grandma (1/17/02)

After recovering from the shock of being a grandmother, Nina decides to spend some quality time with her new 18-year-old granddaughter Tess (guest star Sasha Barrese). But when Nina discovers Tess shares her flair for outrageous behavior, she begins to worry when Tess sets her sights on Finch. Meanwhile, Jack seeks Elliott’s help in finding the perfect gift for Maya’s birthday.

611 - Liotta? Liotta! (1/31/02)

Although Maya believes her holiday romance with actor Ray Liotta (guest starring as himself) is behind her, she is shocked when he professes his love for her on "The Tonight Show" to host Jay Leno (as himself), and offers to give up stardom in exchange for her love. But when Ray gets a taste of life out of the public eye, it becomes more than he can take. Meanwhile, Jack purchases an antique desk once owned by George Washington and Finch and Elliott play a prank on him by planting in the desk a letter seemingly written by Washington with some rather strange content.

612 - About a Boy (2/7/02)

Finch hatches a new girl-grabbing scheme, and after a lengthy and fairly painful interviewing process, finds himself a nice, naïve au pair (guest star Shannon Elizabeth) to care for his imaginary son. Meanwhile, concerned that Elliot's recent freelance fame will prompt him to leave Blush, Jack employs an elaborate scam to test the photographer's loyalty.

613 - Friends and Neighbors (2/28/02)

Maya’s joy at the departure of her noisy neighbor across the hall turns to horror when Finch and Kevin the mailroom clerk (guest star Brian Posehn) decide to fill the vacancy. However, Kevin soon discovers that his new roommate situation may be temporary, after Finch gets the news that he has been given on campus housing at the college where he is taking classes. Meanwhile, Elliott lives to regret selling his precious classic Mustang to Jack.

614 - Blind Ambition (3/7/02)
by Donick Cary

When Nina's relationship with a blind man, Jay (guest star Dave Foley, "NewsRadio"), comes to an antagonistic end, Maya thinks Nina is being unfair to him and decides to date him herself. But when Jay begins acting rudely in public, Maya suddenly finds herself in the same predicament as Nina. Meanwhile, when Finch invites Elliott to be a guest on his new college TV show, "Finch Attack," it doesn't turn out quite like Elliott expected.

615 - A Beautiful Mind (3/25/02)

Nina convinces Maya to date hunky building exterminator, Chris (guest star Joe Rogan, NBC's "Fear Factor"). But when his lack of education starts getting in the way, Maya is unsure how to end the relationship. Meanwhile, Finch and Elliott offer Kevin (guest star Brian Posehn) money in exchange for eating gross things and Jack tries to talk him out of it while secretly harboring a desire to watch.

616 - Educating Finch (3/28/02)

When Finch's grades need improvement, he goes to Jack for money to hire a tutor, but upon discovering the tutor (guest star Brigid Brannagh) is also a masseuse, he blows all the money on massages. Meanwhile, Elliott participates in a photography exhibit and uses a nude photo of Maya despite her objections, so she concocts an elaborate plan to exact her revenge.

617 - The Book of Jack (4/4/02)

Jack takes a vacation and uses the time to fulfill his dream of writing a novel. But when he gets frustrated, he pays an English professor (guest star Michael Ensign) to write the book for him. Meanwhile, Maya, Elliott and Nina are left to oversee the magazine and can't agree on even the smallest decisions.

618 - Blush Gets Some Therapy (4/11/02)

When the Blush staff's rude behavior scares fashion designer Kate Spade (as herself) out of the building, Jack decides it's time for them to get a corporate therapist, Dr. Drake Kelson (guest star Stephen Root, "NewsRadio"). Although Dr. Kelson easily manipulates Maya, Finch and Nina with psycho-babble, Elliott stumbles onto his scheme and the doctor sets out to have Elliott fired.

619 - The Burning House (4/18/02)

In a satire of "Project Greenlight," Finch makes a ten-minute semi-autobiographical movie for his film class, and convinces actor David Hasselhoff (guest-starring as himself) to play the father in the film. But when filming starts, trouble ensues when Nina, playing the mother, falls in love with the actor playing her son (guest star Rod Biermann), and Jack demands an on-screen apology from Hasselhoff after the actor scratches Jack's car in the parking lot.

620 - The Bad Grandma (4/25/02)

Elliott becomes distraught when his grandmother Noonie (guest star Patience Cleveland) becomes more interested in spending time with Finch than her own grandson. Meanwhile, Maya wants to bring a little patriotism to the Blush office with small American flags for everyone, but Jack decides to make a grander gesture, with disastrous results.

621 - The Boys in the Band (5/2/02)

Finch starts an "air" band with mailroom clerk Kevin (guest star Brian Posehn) and their friend Gary (guest star Huey Lewis). But when Nina becomes smitten with Gary, her interference causes a rift in the band. Meanwhile, an old rivalry between Jack and Alan Thicke (guest starring as himself) is sparked when the two run into each other and try to out-do one another in proving who has the better relationship with their daughter.
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