First Season:

101 - Back Issues (3/4/97)
by Steve Levitan

Maya has just been fired from her newswriting job and turns up at Blush magazine to get financial help from dad. But before she even gets past reception, Maya has to contend with the magazine's sarcastic executive assistant Finch, its highly competitive fashion editor Nina, and the news that dad's wife - Maya's former schoolmate - is about to give birth.

102 - The Devil and Maya Gallo (3/5/97)
by Marsh McCall

Maya learns the perks of working at a fashion magazine, perks which soon sacrifice her business ethics.
Note: Veronica Webb is the first of many models to guest star as themselves.

103 - Lemon Wacky Hello (3/26/97)
by Andrew Gordon and Eileen Conn

Jack brings back gifts and candy for the staff from his trip to the Far East. The candy has a hallucinatory effect on the staff.
Note: Dennis C. Vejar (the editor of this episode) was nominated for an Eddie Award for Best Edited Half-Hour Series for Television.

Maya and Jack

104 - Secretary's Day (3/12/97)
by Tom Martin

Co-workers upset Finch when they bestow gifts on Secretary's Day, and he ends up all over the news after falling in the gorilla cage at the zoo.
Note: Jay Leno and Crystal Bernard guest star as themselves.

105 - Nina's Birthday (3/19/97)
by Stephen Engel

Jack asks Maya to throw a birthday party for Nina. Finch bets Elliott he can't pick up just any woman he sees.

106 - In Your Dreams (3/25/97)
by Steve Levitan

Elliott must take an ID photo of Maya which leads Maya to dream about him. Finch tries to enforce office rules.

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