Diseases and Treatments

These are some diseases that are found in many different species of frogs. 95% of the causes of these ailments are due to poor cleanliness and unfavorable temperatures. So, the only way to prevent most of your frogs' illnesses is to keep your vivarium clean and monitor the temperatures and see that they are correct for your frogs. Firebellied Toads require a temperature range of about 68-80 degrees farenheit. But, if your frogs' ilness becomes bad enough, here are a few helpful ways to identify and treat their ailments. Remember to always consult your vet first before administering any medical help.

IllnessRed Leg
CausesAeromonas, unsanitary living quarters, prolonged exposure to cold, overcrowding, etc.
SymptomsReddening of skin on belly & underside of thighs (not to be confused with natural coloration), enlarged capillaries, laziness, loss of appetite
TreatmentIsolate the sick frog in a very clean cage. If the disease doesn't lessen in the first week, antibiotic treatment with tetracycline (found at all aquarium stores) if reccommended. To administor, add 2.5 mg/lb in solution of water and fill into eyedropper and give to your frog orally once daily for 5-7 days. If sores become visible on the affected area, use of Neosporin or Tritop is suggested.

CausesInfected food, unsanitary environment, exposure to others with the illness.
SymptomsTraces of worms and worm eggs in feces, listlessness
TreatmentConsult a vet immediately.

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