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Welcome to the new and improved GunnerNet!

Site News

Writers wanted!

I am looking for any keen Arsenal fans to write for inclusion on this site. Be it a memorable match or anything you can think of to do with our team; of course the writer will be fully achknowledged on this site along with their piece of writing. You do not need ANY knowledge of HTML (web site language if you like) I will convert you piece. If anyone is at all interested PLEASE contact me.

New sites going online soon!

Look out for a few child pages from GunnerNet in the near future including:

  • The double season - This will, suprisingly enough have everything you would ever want to know about our amazing '97/'98 season

  • Arsenal FC: the history - A complete and in-depth look at the history of our great club, from foundation in 1896 to our present day heroics.

  • Arsenal FC: player by player - Basically an online version of the book but with my personal analysis of almost every player to wear that famous red and white shirt.

ANY other suggestions of web sites would be much appreciated.

Please: Tell me what you think!

Look, when it comes down to it this web site is for YOU the decerning Arsenal fan. I want this to be a web site that you the visitor can enjoy, and I need you to tell me how. If you don't like what is here or can think of ANY improvments or have any other suggestions/constructive critasisms, PLEASE, I cannot emphasize this enough tell me about it. You can either do this by Emailing me or simpler still leave a message in my guest book.


OK, my spelling is bad, I admit it. So if you get annoyed by the number of typos you see just let me know where they all are and I'll try to sort 'em A.S.A.P.


I have important exams this summer so fewer updates will be possible for obvious reasons. I'm sure this will be OK as it will be the close season anyway.

GUNNERNET RANDOM FACT GENERATOR - Press refresh for new facts


afccrest-2.gif - 13655 Bytes 
Super Nic Anelka - Is the boy who never smiles better than both Owen and Ronaldo?

afccrest-2.gif - 13655 Bytes 
New Labour, new Arsenal - According to The Guardian newspaper our country is being run by a bunch of Arsenal fans. Jeremy Anderson reports.

afccrest-2.gif - 13655 Bytes Young Guns - Moritz Volz is the latest youth player to sign amidst alot of contraversy, read about why some consider it unethical.

afccrest-2.gif - 13655 Bytes 
Une grand Petit problem - Petit announced, after his third sending off this season that he would quit the English game, could we cope with his loss?

Soccer Dreams 2000

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Disclaimer: This site is in not associated in any official capacity with Arsenal Football Club Plc, or any of it's players or staff. The views held by those who have contributed here with, are therefore not necissarily those of Arsenal Football club.

  • 28/3/00 - Carew off to Valencia
  • 28/3/00 - Keown nears fitness
  • 28/3/00 - Vieira keen to show French resiliance
  • 28/3/00 - Henry glad to be back in French frame
  • 28/3/00 - Gilles tells of Wenger pep talk
  • 28/3/00 - Arsenal MISS OUT on Samba
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