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Reader, Meet Author --- Links Devoted To Important Authors

I will add to these as I find more that I think worthy, but these are links to sites for the designated author that I or my associates have decided are particularly good. I've tried not to include anything too ordinary. I think that the resources included here should interest the layman as well as the scholar. If you come across something you think worthy of inclusion, mail me.

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Author Sites --- In No Particular Order

Martin Amis --- More Than The Son Of Kingsley
Djuna Barnes --- Modernist Goddess
Flannery O'Connor --- All This & God
Joe Orton --- Ooooo-- Me Aching Head
Ronald Firbank --- Not A Decadent But A Modernist
Anthony Burgess --- Manichee
James Merrill --- Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Christopher Marlowe --- Lyricist For Bronski Beat?
James Purdy --- Maggot Magnate
Gore Vidal --- Queen Bitch
Jean Genet --- Queer
Truman Capote --- You Pay For What You Pray For
Gertrude Stein --- Here, Pussy!
T.S. Eliot --- Green Pancake?
Muriel Spark --- Conversion Converter
Edith Sitwell ---- Nothing Like A Dame
William Blake --- Ferocious Mutton
Edith Wharton --- Domestic Goddess
Virginia Woolf --- Walking on Water
Evelyn Waugh --- Unsaintly Sebastian
Lytton Strachey --- Victorian Quean
E.M. Forster --- Late Bloomers
W. Somerset Maugham --- Bath Boy
Ned Rorem --- Diarist Diabolique

William Makepeace Thackeray --- Sharpe