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GHOSTHOUND is a local paranormal unit founded in the late months of 1998. Originally based in Hinesville, GA, the home office has now relocated to Knoxville, TN and a second branch is currently being opened in the Louisville, KY area. Though we do still conduct investigations in the northern Georgia area, Savannah and the outlying areas of southern Georgia are now out of our zone.

We are not out for profit, nor do we ask for compensation for our efforts. GHOSTHOUND exists to further explore the paranormal and to offer both insight and assistance to those who are subject to it.

Do check out all the work we've done so far, including our new ventures, at the Past Logs link. There is also a second viewers participation subject that I'm sure we'll all enjoy in addition to the first. Any help on either matter is welcome. Also, check out the link to the Knoxville, TN branch.

GHOSTHOUND is recruiting in both TN and GA. Requirements are as follows:
1. Must not be a psycho.
2. Emphasis on requirement #1.
3. Individuals must be of an objective mind. There is a finite difference between creative criticism and destructive criticism. The former is welcome, whereas the latter is best left to film critics and political analysts.
4. You must have your own transportation. I'll do just about anything to rally the troops, but I'm not a taxi service and the spirits can wait until you score some wheels.
5. Preferrably over 18 years of age. This is said only because I don't like the idea of printing up permission slips.
6. Any equipment that you have that can be of use to GHOSTHOUND is great, but not a must. If you bring your own stuff, how you take care of it is your own responsibility - we will not replace it if something leaps out of the shadows and chomps it up in front of you. Likewise, if any of our own equipment spontaneously combusts in your hands for any reason other than obvious technical defections, you will be placed in a small room with a thousand Lithuanian midgets until such time as you are really, really sorry. Just kidding.. I don't even know ONE Lithuanian midget.

If you meet the above requirements and still desire to romp through dusty old houses, drudge through muddy fields and spend a few hours of book and field research here and there, you're more than welcome to join GHOSTHOUND. Just keep in mind that we're out for information and results, not for cheap thrills. Not to say we don't have loads of fun anyway.

Additional GHOSTHOUND Branches?

The possibility of opening new branches in other states is not beyond the capability nor scope of GHOSTHOUND, and thus I am now waving around that morsel of cheese if there are any mice out there willing to nibble at it. We have developed a system for training and establishing new groups in other states, and anyone interested is welcome to apply. Applicants are subject to the rules above, and interested parties may write to me via for consideration. Thanks!

She's here, she's there... she's in Kentucky! Once again, the Director Relocation Program transplants Yours Truly to another state.. this time the lovely state of Kentucky, Land of the Derby. I have yet to find any blue grass though.. most perplexing. Good humor aside, I have naturally responded to my new location by creating (try not to be afraid, people) another branch here in KY. Updates upcoming, including a snail mail address here.. check back!

Feel free to write to us with your questions and requests. And while I am surprised (and, yes, a little disappointed) that we have recieved absolutely zero bogus letters, I would still like to state that this post office box is only for serious inquiries. Please take into consideration that we all have real world jobs as well as paranormal investigation - equipment doesn't grow on trees - so responses to snail mail may be a bit sluggish. Thus the term 'snail mail', right? The address is:

P.O. Box 931
Powell, TN 37849-0931

**Update: April 18th, 2004During the next couple of weeks I will be putting the finishing touches on a report for a major investigation GHOSTHOUND held late last year. Yes, I did say last year. The delay - just so you all know - was brought on by both moving to another state and repeated illness. No, I'm not just lazy. I am actually quite active.. mentally. Regardless, the updates are coming soon and to a GH website near you. Namely, this one.

For questions or comments regarding the paranormal and investigation into such activity, we have the Scratchpad message board - it's a fine way to get a question out in the open for both GHOSTHOUND members and other site visitors to view a question or comment and add a few more minds to the problem. For more personal questions/etc or to recieve an answer more privately and quickly, please feel free to email us.**

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Truth Seeker TV
: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.


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I've done business with these fellows before.. right nice equipment, in my opinion.

Come here to ponder the effectiveness of the justice system regarding the case of these three young men.

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