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Please Answer a Questions:


1. What is a name of "Georgia" in Georgian?
A. Gruzia
B. Iberia
C. Kolkha
D. Sakartvelo 

2. What is a capital of Georgia?
A. Batumi
B. Tbilisi
C. Mtskheta
D. Kutaisi

3. Which of the following is correct?
A. Georgia is a part of Russia
B. Georgia is under Russian Federation
C. Georgia located in Asia
D. Georgia is an independence country

4. Which city was an ancient capital of Georgia?
A. Mtskheta
B. Rustavi
C. Telavi
D. Kutaisi

5. Who is a president of Georgia now"?
A. Zviad Gamsaxurdia
B. Michael Gorbachov
C. Eduard Shevardnadze
D. Vakhtang Gorgasali