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The Ensemble Tbilisi was formed in 1989 as a free-lance group with purpose to pass on the old Georgian song treasure and has developed into a profesional ensemble of poliphonic music. The group consists of eleven members, conducted by Robert Gogolashvili. Conductor and singers are all men who have a part in various state Ensembles. The reportoire of the Ensemble consists of traditional and religious songs, which are sometimes more than 1,000 years old.

The Ensemble learns all its reportoire by ear, and strives to be true to the ancestors while using their profound knowledge to breathe new life into old songs. The group performed in the best concert halls in Georgia, Germany and Russia and made tours to many other countries in the world. Their first CD was realeased in Sweden in 1993.


(Ensemble Tbilisi, with R.Gogolashvili, the director, in front.)











Ensamble Tbilisi Albom

"Sacred and Ritual Music of Georgia"

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