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Hello Friends and Fellow Internet surfer and Welcome to My Home Page - LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK and My Herbal Body Cleansing Program with lots of Links to Links of Friends Pages, Radical Faerie Pages, Health, Herbs, other Light and Love Sites. I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . and I hope that you'll stick around long enough to see the continuous CHANGES.
So, Bookmark The LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK with your Favorites, and return again,

Thank you and Remember To BREATHE!!!


Just what is BREATHARIANISM???

Get to know just a little bit more about me and my life. After all, these days, acquaintances that begin in cyberspace are often...
My Background
I was born in Lima, Peru,  SA,  but raised in Denver, CO.
Moved to SF at 30,
lived in Wolf Creek,  OR  for on to seven years
and now back in SF.
Attended the first "Spiritual Conference For
in Benson AZ
in 1979
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here's My Herbal Body Cleansing Program
Table of Contents
Part I
Part II
Part III
Sun Tea
Washing out the Colon
Outline of A WorkBook in Progress
OnHealth.com_Resource Tool On Herbs
To Buy Herbs

Adopt-A-Dragon - Coffee, Tea, and Books, Contacts, LINKS

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My Interests
Some Of My Favorite Links
I guess that the best - and fastest - way to really get to know me
is by discovering what I like. So here goes . . .

I have some  Radical Faerie Links and Links to Home Pages of Friends,

  Radical Faerie Links and a Great Site,

Favorites from The LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK - Still under construction. Check it out later

My MAC with all its
Bells and Whistles.

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I Love Fun Things, Contacts and Personal Home Pages.
Some of my favorites are:

PlanetAll - A great place for contacts

Delphi Internet Services-Free and simple Home Pages Home Page, set your browsers Home button to

AngelFire-You are Here! Build your own Web Page

Breatharianism - Syncronicity

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For an avid Surfer:-------AND There Will Be More!
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Favorite Photographs by Greg Day!
Favorite Whistler Jason Serinus!
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My Personal Pictures
Coming SOON!!!
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For An Easy Return!!!
These are places on the Net where you can see a picture of me if you want.
David Kerlick-photographer of first two.
Gary at The Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Sanctuary
Gary with other caretakers
A Picture of DirtPirate w/Dog
Gary's Picture

of my life to date - a mere 48 years -
as well as some
More Things of Interest
Check Out These:

GaRa's Pic

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Links to My Web World Sites
Another way to really get to know someone - especially someone who spends
as much time on the Internet as I do - is to learn their favorite sites:
HOME PAGE-Homestead-Start Here
LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK - AngelFire - You Are Here!
LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK - GeoCities - (under construction)
LIGHT and LOVE NETWORK - Delphi - Always Changing!
NOW! Why I Am A Radical Faerie
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"Excite Search"
Excite Search
Search Tips 
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Some Radical Faerie Home Pages
Radical Faeries


Send me e-mail to:

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Have a cup of Coffee or Tea!


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This page last updated on April 18, 1999.
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