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Smack Down Results

Smackdown Started with Mankind coming out to the ring and expressing his feeling about his new book on sale now and about the rock. He was tired of the rock and told Vince to bring his ass out to ringside. Vince came out and Mankind told him he wanted to fight the rock today and if he won he wanted to be the number one contender. The rock came out and teesed mankind and then finally rock said ill fight you. Vince then grabed the mike and said there is no wrestler that will fight austin. That's when Val Venis came out and said he wanted a piece of the rattlesnake. The glass broke and out came SCSA and grabbed the mike. He was about to say something but then clobberred Val Venis. It was pretty stupid if u ask me. Where does Val Venis come from and deserve to be the number one contender. Anyways The Rock defeats Mankind. Backstage Al Snow comes up to HHH and asks if he's got an opponent tonite HHH says no and tell Snow to get the hell out of there. LAter vince makes it officail HHH fights Al Snow for the title. HHH beats Snow with no difficulties. Then it comes to the main event. Austin vs. Venis. The match is pretty good gone on back and forth finally austin stuns val and gets the 1,2,3. Triple H comes in and pedigrees Austin then The Rock comes out and puts the rock bottom on HHH. The Show ends so three way dance at the next ppv.

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