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RAW kicked off with a huge six-man tag team match, as Kane teamed up with the Road Dogg and X-Pac to take on "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn, D'Lo Brown and "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry. The match was declared a no-contest after the ring emptied and the six superstars battled through the crowd and back to the locker room. As Kane and Mark Henry fought through the people, the Corporate Ministry made its way out. Shane McMahon said his faction had three people on its hit list-and Vince McMahon was first! Backstage, Vince, Gerry Brisco and Pat Patterson scrambled to protect themselves. But when Vince looked in the closet for a weapon, the Undertaker, Triple H and Chyna were hiding on the inside! After being severely beaten by the three, the owner had to be carted off on a stretcher! In tag team action, the Blue Blazer and Jeff Jarrett, accompanied by Debra, took on Val Venis and the Godfather (accompanied by six hos)! The match ended when Blazer went flying into his own tag team partner, knocking Jarrett off the ring apron, and setting himself up for a Pimp Drop. Nonetheless, the Blazer gets a shot at the Intercontinental Title this Sunday when he takes on the Godfather at Over the Edge. Two phenomenal young athletes squared off next as Test took on Meat, accompanied by PMS-Terri Runnels, Jacqueline and new member Ryan Shamrock. As Test was setting up Meat for a pumphandle slam, Jacqueline delivered a missile dropkick off the top rope from behind, flooring Test and causing a disqualification. After the match, Meat and PMS stomped Test, and it looked like yet another woman had joined PMS as Tori came to the ring. However, Tori attacked Ryan and Jacqueline, and assisted Test! Next up, Stone Cold Steve Austin promised to whoop Triple H's ass later on RAW. He added that if Chyna interfered, she too would get a boot up her ass, as the Rattlesnake is "an equal opportunity ass kicker." At Over the Edge, Austin told the Undertaker, "you will know that Austin 3:16 says, 'I just whooped your ass.' And that's all I got to say about that." But the Corporate Ministry interrupted, and Shane McMahon told Austin that if the champion touched him this Sunday, he would disqualify Austin and award the Federation Title to the Undertaker! The Corporate Ministry began walking toward the ring to attack Austin, but the Union came out and stopped them! Undertaker walked back to the entranceway to help the Corporate Ministry, but he left Bearer alone in the ring with Austin! The champion dropped the Fatman with a stunner, and celebrated with a beer! In the highly anticipated Casket Match, The Rock squared off against the Undertaker. The contest turned out to be a glorified Handicap Match, as Shane McMahon, Chyna and Triple H came out with a sledgehammer. As the action spilled outside the ring, HHH grabbed the sledgehammer and pounded the cast on The Rock's broken arm, breaking it open! With a little more help from the Corporate Ministry, The Rock was stuffed inside the casket and it was locked! Triple H took the sledgehammer and absolutely bludgeoned the casket with The Rock lying inside! The top of the casket was completely flattened! Federation officials finally opened the casket, revealing a bloodied and disoriented Rock. The three-time champion was apparently bleeding from the top of the head and he was quickly led away on an ambulance. Michael Hayes (once known as Dok Hendrix) returned the ring with as he teamed with Matt and Jeff Hardy to battle the Brood in a six-man match. It was truly an incredible battle filled with several high-impact maneuvers and near falls. In the end, however, the referee lost control of the match after all six superstars battled outside the ring. After Hardcore Holly destroyed Pierre on HEAT, Al Snow held a special eulogy to his friend the deer head on RAW. But Holly interrupted the funeral proceedings. Upon seeing the man who had brought on the "death" of Pierre, an enraged Snow picked up Head and pummeled Holly with "them"! Snow told Holly that there would be "no more Mr. Nice Guy," and said that if Holly wanted a Hardcore Title shot, he's got it! In singles competition, the Big Show, with the Union, took on the Big Boss Man, accompanied by Mideon and the Acolytes. Mankind, Ken Shamrock and Test quickly battled the other members of the Corporate Ministry back to the locker room. With no one to help him, the Boss Man was finished off after a Big Show chokeslam. As Shane McMahon ordered on HEAT, Stone Cold Steve Austin took on Triple H in a "warm-up match." After the two superstars annihilated each other for several minutes, a huge Undertaker symbol began descending from the roof. The Undertaker himself marched out to the ring, followed by the other Corporate Ministry members, and they tried to tie Austin to the symbol! However, the Union came out and battled the Corporate Ministry back to the locker room, leaving only Austin and Undertaker in the ring. In the confusion, Austin was able to handcuff the Lord of Darkness to his own symbol! 'Taker was raised to the roof, but he began laughing, as if he knew that he would get his revenge this Sunday at Over the Edge!


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