Grizzly 600 4X4
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Grizzly 600 4X4

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Ultramatic Transmission The biggest, most important feature of the Grizzly is the Ultramatic V-belt transmission. The Grizzly has the world's first automatic transmission in an ATV that utilizes a centrifugal clutch and a sprag (one-way) clutch behind the primary pulley. This design provides superior engine braking when compared to conventional fully-automatic transmissions. How well does it work? As the independent testers at Dirt Wheels magazine said: "One area we particularly liked was the way you could edge right up to a steep downhill and drive over the side without the engine free-wheeling down the hill. Since the engine compression braking is so strong, you hardly need to use the excellent brakes the machine comes with."   ...the real technological advantage is hidden in here. On the right is the centrifugal clutch. The small part in the middle is the sprag (one-way) clutch that makes the Grizzly so unique.  The key is in the design: the Grizzly's clutch doesn't use the V-belt in the conventional way. Since the belt is not used as a clutch, the Grizzly transmission operates smooth and consistent. Belt life is greater than other automatics. And Grizzly's system is sealed to shield it from water, dirt and mud.     As one magazine editor wrote: "With the inexhaustible supply of torque, the Grizzly could easily be kept in the high gear range all day."     Large 600cc Engine The Grizzly boasts the largest, most powerful engine ever used in a 4WD ATV. This 600cc four-stroke single-cylinder torque-filled powerplant features a four-valve cylinder head for outstanding performance and extended use between service adjustments. Dirt Wheels Magazine said: "With one of the most powerful engines ever mounted in a four-wheeled ATV, the Grizzly easily wins the motor award for best powerplant in its class." As you'd expect, the Grizzly has shaft drive front and rear for outstanding durability and low maintenance. And it has no combinations of chains and shafts like some competition models. There's also a large capacity oil cooler with an electric fan that helps provide consistent operating temperatures and long engine life. And a dual-stage oil pump supplies oil to the engine and oil cooler. The Grizzly is bigger, beefier and more rugged than anything else you've ever ridden, yet it is more maneuverable and comfortable. And that ruggedness carries right down to the tiniest details, like the extra heavy-duty 18 amp battery for reliable starting, even in cold weather. And the oversize fuel tank that significantly extends your range of freedom.               Outstanding Comfort Unparalleled comfort is brought to you by the Grizzly, thanks to the new, unique, quick-adjust long-travel rear suspension. A lever mounted conveniently to the left of the seat allows you to quickly and easily adjust the long travel rear suspension shock spring rate from a plush setting for leisure riding to a firm setting for utility or work. It only takes a second and the difference is immediate--and very noticeable. Other comfort features of the Grizzly include a wide, plush seat, wide metal floorboards, light steering and great day-long ergonomics.               High Ground Clearance Since sometimes there are obstacles you can't go around, so the Grizzly has an incredible 10.6 inches of ground clearance. Yet the seat height, which helps determine good handling, is a mere 33.7 inches, which is the lowest in the class. The Grizzly gives you the best of both worlds.                         On-Command 4WD System The Grizzly has an exciting new feature, the On-Command system, which gives you push-button, switching between two or four wheel drive. On-Command is operated by a small button located just above the throttle. You simply push it to change between two and four wheel drive. It's that simple. On-Command uses an electric servo motor that quickly and easily moves the vehicle from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive and visa-versa. It even conserves energy (and critical battery life) by becoming active only when needed, unlike some competitive models that continue to drain energy from the battery as long as they're in the 4WD mode. In addition to the On-Command system, the Grizzly's dual-range transmission delivers versatility. In low-range, the Grizzly has the most pulling power of any ATV available. In high-range, it has the best performance of any ATV in its class.       Other Important Features And there's other important features you'll only find on the Grizzly, like: •Dual 30 watt Krypton headlights, protected by plastic lenses, providing excellent long-life lighting. •An aggressive tire tread design. •Dual hydraulic front disc brakes. •An exceptionally tight turning radius. •Steel cargo racks that provide the largest capacity (286 pounds) in its class. •A sealed mechanical drum rear brake. •The largest towing capacity (1,212 pounds) in its class.       •Instrumentation that includes a speedometer with odometer & trip meter; plus indicators for fuel level, 4WD, reverse, neutral and oil temperature. •A 12 Volt DC outlet for easy access for powering a worklight or other 12 volt accessory. •Large heavy-duty front bumper •Wide over-size fenders for the best in mud and splash protection.           Plus, with genuine Yamaha Accessories, you can upgrade your Grizzly with items like a winch, plow, trailer, cover, rack storage bags, worklight and more. That's the Grizzly. If you've already read through the copy, you already know: The Grizzly is "The Ultimate ATV"