Final Fantasy VII
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Final Fantasy VII

Game Shark Codes

THE CODES ARE BEFORE THE NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8009D2A6 0000 - SAVE ANYWHERE 8009D260 FFFF - Unlimited Gil 8009D7D8 FFFF - ALWAYS gives you 65535 EXP points after battle 8009D7DC C350 - Always gives you 50,000 AP points any after battle 8009CE62 0100 - Max out any Materia on 1st Materia Item slot! 8009D3D2 270F - Have 9999 Gold points at the Golden Saucer 8009D3D8 C350 - 50,000 Battle points at the Golden Saucer 8007173C 0000 - No Random Battles 8011627C 0000 - No Random Battles on the World Map Limit Breaks 800F5E6A 00FF - First character can cast Limit Break every turn 800F5E9C 00FF - Second character can cast Limit Break every turn 800F5Ed2 00FF - Third character can cast Limit Break every turn 8009C75A 0FFF - Cloud has all Limit Attacks 8009C862 0FFF - Tifa has all Limit Attacks 8009C7DE 0FFF - Barrett has all Limit Attacks 8009C9EE 0FFF - Yuffie has all Limit Attacks 8009C96A 0FFF - Red XIII has all Limit Attacks 8009C8E6 0FFF - Aerith has all Limit Attacks 8009CB7A 0FFF - Cid has all Limit Attacks 8009CAF6 0FFF - Vincent has all Limit Attacks 8009CA72 0FFF - Cait Sith has all Limit Attacks Lucky 7 Fever Only enable one of the codes below, if both are enabled Cloud will be the only person to attack! If you use this code your next fight that character will attack damaging 7777 with each blow. However, you will not be able to control him or her during the fight. It will end when you die or the battle ends. After the battle, your hitpoints will be drained so remember to fill them back up. 8009D85C 1E61 - Cloud's HP 7777 8009D85E 1E61 8009DC9C 270F - Tifa HP's 7777 8009DC9E 270F

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