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F. & A. M.

Valdosta's ONLY Daylight Lodge!

Welcome to the Fellowship Daylight Lodge Home-page. We are located in Valdosta, Georgia and we meet on the first and third Wednesday mornings at the Valdosta Masonic Temple. We meet at 9:30 A.M., but you're always welcome to coffee, doughnuts, and fellowship before the meeting.

Fellowship Daylight Lodge was Chartered in 1992, after the need for a daylight lodge was discovered. Brother Julian Weeks of Azalea Lodge #716 was instrumental in visiting the local lodges to discuss the need for a lodge to serve the senior citizens and the brethren who had to work nights. There were seventy-seven Charter Members of Fellowship Daylight Lodge, among them Brother Curtis Malone P.M. who served as Secretary from chartering until 2000, Brother Charlie Luke P.M. who has assisted in various projects where paperwork has been needed by the Secretary, and Brother Carl Marsh P.M., who as Director of the Work was invaluable to the Lodge.

Officers of the Lodge

Elected Lodge Officers 2007

Worshipful Master

Julian Weeks, Jr.

Senior Warden

Ottis Everitte

Junior Warden

Richard Brown


Lynn CharlesTD>


John Tinsley, P.M.

Appointed Lodge Officers

Senior Deacon

John Eades P.M.

Junior Deacon

John Pendleton PM

Senior Steward

James Blair

Junior Steward

Charles LukeTD>


Julian Weeks Sr, P.M.


Raymond Sutton

Past Masters of Fellowship Daylight Lodges

Past Master-2006

Lynn Charles, PM

Past Master-2005

John Pendleton, P.M.

Past Master-2004

Byrd Tomlinson, P.M. (Died in office)

Past Master-2003

Carl Judge, P.M.

Past Master-2002

Michael Croom, P.M.

Past Master-2001

John Pendleton, P.M.

Past Master-2000

John Wilson, P.M.

Past Master-2000

Elwood Marshall, P.M. (Died in office)

Past Master-1999

John Wilson, P.M.

Past Master-1998

Chris Gay, P.M.

Past Master-1997

John Tinsley, P.M.

Past Master-1996

Charles Dennis, P.M.(Deceased)

Past Master-1995

Andrew Kinard, P.M. (Deceased)

Past Master-1994

Carl Lewis Roberts, P.M.

Past Master-1993

A.C. peace, P.M.

Past Master-1992

Julian Weeks Sr, P.M.

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Valdosta and Lowndes County Masonic Community LIST and meeting schedule.

Member, 11th Masonic District of Georgia
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Fellowship Daylight Lodge

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