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Miriya is the greatest of the Zentradi's combat pilots. Flying in the elite Quadrono Batallion under the command of Azonia, Miriya has never tasted defeat in battle. She posesses matchless skill and a longing for combat, and to remain near the action, she has turned down many promotions that would have put her in the commanders chair.

In her deadly Queadlunn-Rau powered armor, she brings swift defeat to her enemies. However, when Kyron tells her of a micronian ace aboard the SDF-1, Miriya quickly decides that she must find and defeat this new adversary. While Azonia launches an attack at the floating SDF-1, Miriya searches for this "Micronian Devil".

Amidst the carnage she notices a pilot with incredible flying skills(Max Sterling), and moves in for the kill. ("Now You Die!") The two aces clash in blazing combat, and soon, Miriya realizes that this wouldn't be as easy as she had anticipated. Leading Max into macross city itself, Miriya hopes to gain an advantage among the cityscape. However, Miriya is forced to flee as Max severely cripples her mech with a piercing salvo from his gatling gun. Feeling humiliated after her near defeat, Miriya vows revenge.

After gaining autorization from Azonia, she enters a resizing chamber and becomes a spy on the SDF-1. Searching for the pilot who defeated her, she is baffeled at the human lifestyle. However, she is able to quickly adapt to her new enviornment. Trying her hand at what she thinks is a micronian military training device (actually a videogame) she inadvertantly draws attention to herself. Soon Max, who had been admiring her since he first saw her, challenges her to a game on the VT simulator. Curious, she decides to humor this "weakling" and she accepts his challenge. After a furious battle, Max emerges the victor once more, and Miriya knows that it was he who defeated her earlier. Enraged and humiliated, she begins to leave when Max stops her and asks her to meet him in the park the next night. She recognizes the chance to exact revenge and accepts.

The next night, Max awaits her in the park like he said he would. But Miriya has plans of a much more brutal nature. From her perch in the trees, she relishes the thought of his demise, and her ultimate victory. Springing from her cover, she runs toward him and unsheaths a deadly knife. Screaming at him as she closes the distance, she reveales her identity, and her plan to kill him. Throwing the blade with deadly accuracy, she barely misses as Max's lightning refelxes allow him to dodge the attack. After continual failures to strike him, Miriya becomes increasingly frustrated, and when Max pulls the first knife from the tree, the tables are turned. Max disarms his attacker, and Miriya realizes that she cannot defeat him. She falls to the ground, and asks Max to end her life.

Taken aback by her request, Max drops the knife, and gently lifts her chin. As they stare into eachother's eyes, they fall in love. Max then asks her to marry him, and Miriya simply asks: what is that?

The preparations for the wedding began almost immediately, and the wedding was a spectacluar gathering for all of Macross City. However, soon after taking their vows, and cutting the cake, a red alert is called, and all the pilots scramble to get to their planes. Miriya insists that Max take her with him, and the two fly his VT into combat. In the heat of battle, Miriya tells Max of a weakness in the Regult pod's armor, and the RDF pilots take full advantage of her advice. Instead of blowing the whole pod away, they use considerably less ammo and spare the enemy pilot by disabling the pod as Miriya suggested. MORE TO COME L8R!!!