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Dissociative Disorders are characterized by a disruption in the normal functioning of consciousness, identity, memory, or the world around her / him. Dissociative Disorders can be acute or chronic.

Dissociative Disorders Types

  • Depersonalization Disorder.
  • Dissociative Amnesia.
  • Dissociative Fugue.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. ( NOS )

I am living with disassociation.
I am doing research on this disorder at this moment.
It is a horrifying experience to say the least.Each time i disassociate it frightens me so bad.I have found it to be linked to Panic/anxiety, Borderline Personality. And other disorders. Since my research is not thorough at this moment. I don't want to mislead you as to suggest any other disorders that it is associated with. So what does it feel like when you disassociate? I can tell you my experiences, somehow maybe that will help you to cope. When I disassociate, I can feel myself leave my body. It is as though I am foating and my body is not attached to me. I watch myself perform everyday tasks. I am afraid that if I dont somehow get back into my body I will die. This floating experience is not a fun thing to go through. My head is swimming. My body shakes. It is hard to do things. I have experienced this disassociation for as long as a one week period. And as little as a few hours. I feel as if I am going crazy at that time. I am afraid I will be locked into a mental instituion.It took me a long time to tell my therapist about this, as I was afraid that she would do just that. But she let me know that many people have this experience and that I am not crazy. Whew what a relief that was. But I still seek a way to end this happening. There has to be a way. When I am disassociating I am so afraid. I want it to end. I am so afraid. From what I have gatherd from reasearch is, most clinitions tend to disregard those of us who suffer from this. They don't see it as a real problem. Perhaps that is one reason why I am finding so little information on it. I have requested medication from my own doctor numerous amounts of times and keep getting pushed off it. This is very frustrating. And at the same time I am finding more and more people with this. After talking to a few people I have found some suffering from depersonalization and dealrealization also I am trying to include some information about those here also.

Depersonalization Disorder

Depersonalization disorder is marked by a feeling of detachment or distance from one's own experience, body, or self. These feelings of depersonalization are recurrent. Of the dissociative disorders, depersonalization is the one most easily identified with by the general public; one can easily relate to feeling as they in a dream, or being "spaced out." Feeling out of control of one's actions and movements is something that people describe when intoxicated. An individual with depersonalization disorder has this experience so frequently and so severely that it interrupts his or her functioning and experience. A person's experience with depersonalization can be so severe that he or she believes the external world is unreal or distorted.
Depersonalization disorder is a psychiatric disorder affecting emotions and behavior. It is characterized by an alteration in how an affected individual perceives or experiences his or her unique sense of self. The usual sense of one's own reality is temporarily lost or changed. A feeling of detachment from, or being an outside observer of, one's mental processes or body occurs such as the sensation of being in a dream


A change in an individuals experience of the environment, where the world around them feels unreal and unfamiliar.

Terms commonly used to describe Derealisation spaceyness... like looking through a grey veil... a sensory fog... being trapped in a glass bell jar... in a disney-world dream state... withdrawn... feeling cut off or distant from the immediate surroundings... like being a spectator at some strange and meaningless game... objects appear diminished in size, flat, dream-like, cartoon like, artificial... objects appear to be unsolid, to breathe, or to shimmer...

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