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The Home Page of The Atlanta Culture Center

Purpose of The Culture Center




Goal of The Culture Center

The goal of the Culture Center is to play a role in solving the problemthat we face as a people. As a people we need more "UNITY". We nee to liberate ourselves from the economic slavery of working in a system where the pay we recieve is insufficient to raise a family. We need to realize that there is economic strength in numbers. We need to be able to depend and have confidence in the use of our talents and skills to provide a source of income for ourselves independentl, by creating our own businesses. We need to be able to use our creativity positively to benifit our people. We need a facility that is ours, in which we have programs geared to our culture and needs. We need to have a place where our youths can go, get involved and use thier intelligence with something positive instead of hanging on the street corners. We need to educate ourselves about our history and the world we are living in.

We , as a people, can provide evertything we need. We already have our own facility, "The Culture Center", in which we have begun solving some of the problems we face as a people.But, this is just the beginning.

If you support these ideas, we want you to become a memberof "The Culture Center". Our goal is to get 1,000 members by the year 2000. To be a member of the Culture Center, it takes 27 cents a day. There are different types of membership. The economic strength is in numbers.If we had 1,000 members giving 27 cents a day for one year, collectively, we would raise $98,550."Ninety Eight Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Dollars can go a long way in solving the problems that we face as a people.

Being a member of "The Culture Center", even though you may not be an active member, you will help to solve our economic problems and better out living condition. We do encourage our members to be active by coming to the events held at "The CultureCenter" and participating in its creation and implementation. A common saying at "The Culture Center", is that we are all "Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Students, Leaders, and our oun bosses. You can choose what type of involvement you want at "The Culture Center", as well as when you come. As a member, we want you to know that "the Culture Center is here for all of us at all times.


1. You will be able to unite with other brothers and sisters from all over the world, that have similar goals and interest.(UMOJA- UNITY)

2. You can take an active part in our self-determination, as a people, by taking a leadership role in the activities of "The Culture Center. As a member of "The Culture Center",you are involved in a movement that was created and is operated by us to serve our people. As a people , we cannot expect other people to do for us. We must do for ourselves.(Kujichagulia-Self-Determination)

3. You will have the opportunity to take part in making a better future for our youth and people by being involved with the collective works that are happening and showing your representation.(Ujima-Collective Work)

4. You will be helping, by becoming a member, to solve the economic dilemma that we face as a people. This dilemma is that individually, some of us have made great strides economically, but collectively, we have not accomplished anything. (Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics)

5. Every people have a facility that they can go to freely and have social events except for us. Our tax dollars are spent building Recreational Facilities for "those who have". Building Government Buildings for Government, and building jails for our people. The Culture Center Represents what our Government owes us. But we are not going to sit down and wait for someone else to do it for us, we will do it for ourselves. You will be proud to know that we have our own cultural facility, "The Culture Center", in which we opperate and control fully. (NIA-Purpose)

6. You can use your creativity to come up with ideas that will be benificial to us as a people. You will also have the opportunity to take the leadership role in implementing these ideas. We are a very creative people but many of us don't get an opportunity to use our creativity.(Kuumba-Creativity)

7. Seeing the daily results of our collective works and to know that united together there is nothing that is impossible for our people to do. We have faith in each other, faith in our people , faith in the victory of our struggle, and faith in the Center. We are seeing the daily manifestations of our faith in collective works.(Imani-Faith)

8. You will get membership discounts to all Culture Center events.

9. You will get membership discounts on the use of The Culture Center for private functions.

10.You have an imput and say in what happens at the Culture Center.

11.You will be affiliated with "The Collective Black Record Company"

12.You will recieve a Culture Center Membership card that will enable you to get certain membership privileges.

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