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Honeybunch Special



I have been working on this for months.  It actually should go on my new site under dog stories but I am putting it here for now.


My Honeybunch special consists of a very short story, an outline of honey & her breedings & pups, and links to picture outlines.  Some of this info came from Daddy’s book.  Some info I got off “Pedigrees Online”.  I assume the info from the “net” is correct.  Let me know if you have info to contribute including pics or corrections.


I plan on adding one more part to this Honeybunch special.  I plan on using my genealogy program to make an outline of all known offspring of Honey.  This will be a large project!!  The outline will be easy to read, will show how many generations down from Honey each dog is, and will include links from each dog to their individual pic.  I am asking everyone who has (or has had) dogs down from Honey to send me their dog’s pedigree and any pics.  It will be interesting to see just how many dogs I can collect!!

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Hope you enjoy!!






My Honeybunch Story

(by Rene)


I was young when Honey came to our home.  You know, it seems strange today that a dog I fed and watered for years is famous enough to write about.  That was just our life then and Honey was just one of our dogs (to me).  I never did know Honey that well.  I didn’t play with her.  Actually, I was kind of afraid of her.  I don’t know why.  She never did anything to me.  I would just walk straight into her run (never looking at her), scrub her water bowl, put fresh water, give her food, and back out of her run.  That’s it.  I played with her pups and helped to name them.  Jeep was named after our Aqua Jeep Comanche Daddy owned.  But as far as remembering any specific things about Honey—I don’t really.  I remember seeing her in our barn with a litter of pups she just had.  I remember Daddy having her in our house taking pictures (one pic is in Richard Stratton’s book “The Book of The American Pit Bull Terrier”).  And I remember we used to get a kick out of seeing how many of her pups had the dark spot at the top of their tails.  Most all of them did.  Oh, and I remember when Daddy decided to sell her.  She was either pregnant or had pups and he sold them all together.  I think she was pregnant.  Well, that’s all I remember about Honeybunch.



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