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Uncommon Fish of Cozumel
Uncommon Fish of Cozumel
These are some of the most uncommon fish in Cozumel, some you may know, but please put attention to them because they are not in every reef, some can be confuse with other species, but believe me after 4 years of doing survays, I know they are not that common. This is an effort to show you what not many dive masters will be able to show you. For more information and verification, please refer to the Caribbean Fish book from REEF. Click on the picture you want to see in order to appear on the left column, then click on it again to make it bigger.
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Hovering Gobie (Gobio Flotante) 
Hovering Gobie, (Ptereleotris helenae) This s a small fish (only 3 inches) that we have first saw it about a year ago, before that on over 4 years of survays, never found, we have seen it in only three reefs, and the strangest thing is that those reefs are in the same area, we have not seen it anywhere else. Notice that hovers horizontaly on top of its hole, and is very tolerant towards diver's approach if it is slow, otherwise fast hides away. Please do not confused it with the Yellow face Jawfish, which could be the same size or bigger (up to about 4 inches), and you find it everywhere on the Island┤s reefs, it does not have a yellow face, and mostly of the time hangs around sandy areas next to reefs. Cute and so far, only on three sites. Picture was taken by my very good friend, an Omaha Nebraska teacher Pat Purkhaiser.

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luogo interessante, soddisfare interessante, buon!
Giorgia Palmas | | March 06, 2007