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"The HAMLETS Family" of Cozumel

Click on the picture you wish to see to enlarge it and use your browser's back button to return to this page

"Barred Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus puella)

"Black Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus nigricans)

"Butter Hamlet (Hypoplectrus unicolor)

A "Hybirth Hamlet" of probably Yellowtail and Yellowbelly

A pregnant "Indigo Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus indigo)

"Masked Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus sp)

"Shy Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus guttavarius)

"Tan Hamlet"(Hypoplectrus sp.) or even maybe a "Hybirth"

"Yellowbelly Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus aberrans)

"Yellowtail Hamlet" (Hypoplectrus chlorurus)


By no mean this were taken by professional photographers, some were taken by some of our friends and customers, others by me. My only intention is for you to see some of the marine life of Cozumel Island

The Hamlets are beautiful reef decoration fishes, some fish specialists considre all of them to be variations of only one species, Butter Hamlet, but they are all gorgeous!! Before Hurricane Wilma came by, seven of them sub-species used to be in only one reef area, Chankanaab boulders; not anymore though, for the last two years have not seen them again there, some of them not even in other reefs. The only Masked Hamlet seems to have changed "residency" and move to the shallower upper part of a famous deep dive on the Island. The only Yellowtail seighted before in santa Rosa Caves, have not been seighted there since 2005. This could be a good reason for the National Park Administration to start a study and not to worry too much about how much money divers bring in to the Mexican Federal Government thruough the famous "brazaletes", wouldn't you agree?.

Don tibursio "the shark"

Phone numbers you can dial 

Once in Cozumel Dial: 872 32 23

personal celular phone: 044 987 116 7558

From USA Dial: 011 52 987-872 32 23

From Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya Dial: 01 987-872 32 23


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