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Cozumel Diver_hanging_on_a_wall.JPG

Cozumel Wall with Divers drifting



Invest your money and time learning something that will change your life forever, I know you will be on vacations, but take advantage of the place and it’s real beauty, beneath the sea. You can develope the love that Jaques Cousteau felt for the reefs of the world and it’s inhabitants.

All levels of PADI courses, from introductions to diving, all the way to Dive Masters and 8 specialties. Dive from the very first lesson to a depth of 30 feet, come and see the corals, fishes and sponges doing their normal everyday life activities, come visit their home!!

Cozumel Scuba Diving Certification.jpg

Cozumel Instructor Victor assisting a brand new OW diver at 25 feet

INTRODUCTIONS TO DIVING An hour and a half explanation of the effects of the environment on our bodys and how to cope with it, the most effective way to develope the needed techniques to safely dive to 30 feet deep, beginning at “chest deep water”, where if you feel the need to come out, just by standing up, out you will be!! Children from 10 years old do the same but the deepest depth they will reach 6 meters/ 20 feet and may only dive with PADI Professional, a certified parent or certified guardian.

Cozumel Scuba Diving with children Vicky-Carrie.jpg

Victor with his little daughter Vicky and friend Carrie

OPEN WATER DIVER Four days of half day diving, we must accomplish 5 confined water dives, at no more than 15 feet deep, where we develope, practice and master the skills and techniques; then the first TWO open water dives at no more than 40 feet where you can demonstrate yourself your new abilities; and finally the last two Open Water Dives at no more than 60 feet deep, where you will actually just breathe and enjoy the scenery!!!

ADVANCED, RESCUE, DIVEMASTER or SPECIALTY COURSES During these courses some dives will be from the beach, but mostly from the boat, so you will not miss a day of diving on our beautiful reefs. You may be an experienced diver but you may have a lack of the techniques to make you advanced; or you may be advanced and have poor techniques because of your lack of experience; whatever is the case, give us the opportunity to give you some of our knowdlege and experience, and a document to prove it, with the Continuing Education Program of PADI

Gran Azul Address and Phone numbers you can dial 

Calle 6 Sur #1739, between 31st. & 35th Streets South,
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico 77666

Once in Cozumel Dial: 872 32 23
Personal Celular phone: 044 987 116 7558

From USA Dial: 011 52 987-872 32 23

From anywhere in Mexico Dial: 01 987-872 32 23



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