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William Canul Kantun (Capi Willy)

Cozumel's El Gran Azul staff Victor and Capitain Willy

Born in a town of the Yucatán State named Halachó, in a Farmer´s family, his father been a true Mayan, speaks very litle spanish and heals himself with traditional and ancient Mayan Medicine of plants, and at his 70 years stills works his land. Willy is been a Capitan with Victor Brito for over five years now, he has an experience of over 12 years as capitain on Dive boats, he is qualified and guaranteed by the Mexian Goverment and the Marine Park Authorities to do so; togheter with Victor have made a perfect team dedicated to make you have lots of fun in long and safe bottom times, we just do not advertised "extended bottom times" as a way to attract your bussines; we truly give it to you! and at no extra charge, our rates are the same as everywhere else or less.

He is also a Divemaster, but mostly drives Tormenta, and in a very smooth manner, he does realize he is carring People on board, so no bouncing around or jumping waves that can hurt your back, has perfect knowdlege of where the reefs are and he is always aware where his divers are. A Truly great guy!!


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Gran Azul Address and Phone numbers you can dial 

Calle 6 Sur #1739, between 31st. & 35th Streets South,
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico 77666

Once in Cozumel Dial: 872 32 23

Personal Celular phone: 044 987 116 7558

From USA Dial: 011 52 987-872 32 23

From anywhere in Mexico Dial: 01 987-872 32 23