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Chesca's Place

pppssssttttt~*~*~*~it is me candyperfumegurl! *giggles*

Howdy yall! Welcome to my little spot on the net. Youins pull up a char and sit a spell with me. I right reckon it bees time for me to be a sharin' with yall. I was born and raised up in Savannah, GA. I'm pure southern belle through and through. I taryed through college and got me some that thar book learnin'. At school I took up Speech Pathology and Deaf Education.

As of lately, I am blissfully happy with my new girlfriend. I spend my time as my Butch Daddy's femme girly girl. We live out in CA, just outside uh San Francisco. Lands Be! That nears a whoop and a holler from my raisin place. We gots us 2 dawgs and 2 cayuts. They taint give me no sass but they bees a handful. One day we aimin to bees gettin' us an arm baby and some lap youngins. Till then I keep on tending these har pets.

Thanks for sittin' a spell with me. Youn'ta see sumpin right fetchin....tary over to some them thar links of mines. Talk at ya later.

Matthew Wayne Shepard ---- We Should Never Forget!!!!

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All My Friends


I's glad you'd done stopped by. Hope t'twas uhmewzin fur ya. Iffin ya taint gatta tear outta here...writes me a little sumpin en let me knows ya whuz har.

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