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Why I am the biggest looser anyone knows..

hey guys do me a favor...sign the damn guest book...jeez..if i forgot to add you..i didn't do it on purpose..i forgot alot of ppl..please tell me and i will add you..and i am sorry for my lack of thought.. but all of my friends are important.. and i mean that... I guess i have some ppl to say some stuff friends..and stuff..but first a little bit about like to flick boogers at ppl in chat, i throw spitwads, start fights, have an overactive imagination, i polute the air with my smoking, and i have a very foul mouth...and what makes all that worse...i am a chick.. and well anyway..i am 20, married..shut up...i know i am don't like to talk too much about my personal life but, my husband is military and he is 21, we live in Ga, i have a spiffy puppy who tears up everything..and no kids...(except for my husband)but now cuz of my big huge mouth..i got one on the was referring to abusing those who have already had kids...nasty ppl..sick minds... my friends,whom i hang out with because of a lack of a social life, keep me motivated wake up in the morning and carry on with the same thing i do everyday..get on the puter and tie up the phoneline..doesn't matter i hate answering the phone.

Nick my little brother is probably gonna stumble on this page so ****HI BUBBY***..and well family comes and visits me in chat..(right mean mom) well these are my may seem like there are alot of ppl..but hey i live on my puter...i have a living room in chat.. FIRST AND FORMOST....

GIRLIE..girl you have been with me through all kinds of shit..i dunno how we do it..besides i think i ruined your has blue paint all over it..but if i ever get around to giving it back..i am blaming the paint spots on Brooke..cuz i didn't do it. and i will miss the hell out of you when you are gone to tex..and with your luck when *da man* puts the puter back will be all wacked out..but hey...he's a nice guy right??!! anyway..aunt cawie misses the girls..*waves to the girls* now i have to drive all the way to tex now to see you..and you think i sleep after a drive to Atlanta..jeez..just wait..
Bubonic..the most worthless brit i know..with absolutely nothing ever important to say..hell i don't ever understand a word you say anyway..and i am still waiting to know what a prune is..damn broccoli eater.. thank you for all the stupid messages..evilograms..and other torture tactic's used on me for your personal pleasure..i hope to amuse you again..sometime n the near future..and thanks for bein a great friend..even if you are a worthless brit..
Dewby...just you wait..i got a page lined up for you..with a limping chicken and dancing are such a good friend..thank you for all your support during the "drought"..besides..i hear rainbo has an opening should i take for a dixie rock..(but don't tell anyone i have that cd...they would lynch me) favorite stray cat...thank you sssssoooooo much for keepin my spirits up...i don't know where i would be right now if i didn't havve you and my green blanket..i would just be lost..**THIS KISS THIS KISS..IT'S CRIMINAL** i still don'tknow how that song stays in your head permanantly..but just keep on keepin on..when in as the french oregonians do and another's hunting season ********KEEP ALL PETS IN DOORS******* THIS MAN IS A KILLER...I KNOW..I GOT PICTURES..
Jass...You are a trip half prep, half doesn't work that way ya know..either stay on our side..or go to dew's..there is no in between..perpitrator...and another time saran wrap gives you a problem..gimme a call..i will pull out the shovel...(took it from dew ya know) anyway..thank you for being such a good damn friend...and for flipping off the "flyswatter" for me..ugghhh.. and remember..that is a prime reason never to Ever eveR EVER do drugs..
IAM...i could say so much about you..but ppl would get the wrong are a nut..really..a true nut..and when i do get that pic sent..don't go publishing it and takin all my copywrite money..then spending it all on muffy.. and besides..stay away from hates us..can you say...illegal op??
Muffy...*runs and jumps on muffy's lap* thank you for all your understanding and help..and the stupid phrases for you didn't think i read them..well i don' took the time to forward them to me so.. well..i can are a great friend..and V-day..i swear this's comin...*pulls out the authentic generic whip*..see i got one too...keekeekee
Silent Soldier...okay soldier boy..get down...and um..while you're down there..(mom, that's a joke if you are reading this)...good guy..hey and by the way...MRE's cause constupation..NO LIMIT SILENT SOLDIER..Thought you said something but i was wrong..silent as usual..(and check out them legs...woohooo)
><(aka BO TIE)..okay bo..i got are da bomb..and you really need icq..jeez..thanks for your endless hours of babble..making completely no sense and i guess if you want to call it support...with the situation.. and another just popped up one day...where the hell did you come from??? favorite square..thanks for keepin me laughin..kinda got lost there for a while..but..well i will see you when i see you..
AQUA...WATERGIRL!!!!!!!! and don't get bloated..cuz it add's years to your aquatic figure ya know..jeez...i am glad i know you..and i always know that when i go to chat i will always see you..cuz you are ALWAYS THERE!! lol..well okay, i am the greatest water i know..
Enrico..Rob..thank you for callin me on thanksgiving all the way across the are the greatest friend a chick could have..and i owe a whole bunch to you and i wouldn't even know where to i won't..but you know.. am leaving this next b-day of death to you....i ain't killin no one..
CHOPPER!!...hmm...looks at chopper...hmmm...thank you for all the endless afternoons full of paranoya..i love you!!!!i could say alot more..chemical girl..but you know exactly what i's the hair comin along?
ANKH..haven't seen you in a while..but bub still has to thank you for savin his life in chat the day he tried to burn the room down..i still got to get him back for that..but if you weren't there to save him..he woudl be toast...and i mean american style..
LIL Blank..thanks for teachin me the tricks of the trade..haven't known you very long..and yeah you may be a worthless brit..but you could never be as worthless as you are okay in my book..
NunW/ could you not love a crazy chick with a name like that..nun..thanks for humoring me with you little antics.. favorite sock in chat..(no holes) and you never told me who taylored you..they did a fantastic job..and well are a trip..
BG...freakin aussie...i have a cool program to send to you that dew gave me...its an upside down screen..from the land down under..
TM...i find myself worrying about you...hope yo9u are still alive and stuff.....see this
ZZ...thank you for your support..if i remember correctly..i tried this webpage stuff before..and i came crying to you....and begged you to do it for me.. hey i was even willing to pay you..but you said..keep trying...i will do it for you, but i have guitar practice any if that isn't support i dunno what is
JeWeLs..definately one of my favorite cyber you're my hubby..but if i were into would be my first me a favor..behave yourself cuz i love you more than anything..and i worry about you..besides..if you croak..then..i get your car..

some more stuff...

this is an attack on dew...check it's 6 in the mornin and i haven't even been to sleep yet..
it's the home page..your tryin to get the hell outta dodge huh...*i can see ya*
here is my whine bitch and moan page..
okay..this page is full of men jokes...hey..don't sympathize..they deserve it..
for all of those in chat that i have flicked boogers at..or blown snot at..