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This section is dedicated to spells and magical items that I created while playing. I will be placing new spells here as I come across them in my journies. If you have any of your own please feel free to E-mail them to me.

Summon Light Elementals: To do this a character must have summoning and spectramancy. It has Desperate difficulty and must be used with caution. If a character with a presence score C or less does this spells all party members must attempt an average Endurance action or suffer 9 points of damage.

The Vampire Axes: These axes can only be used by vampires and act as a +4 weapon each, but they do have a special trate. if the axes are activated (Make it hard like I did a impossible action or somthing) they become +5 each, make it so that the vampires codes do not drop during the day, also they can glow a faint blue when the vampire wishes, finally when throw from near missile range they return to the vampires hand magically.

Magical Sword Gaurd: This artifact attatches to the gaurd of any size sword adding a (+4) bonus to its attack. If it stays attatched to any one sword for more than a month it cannot be removed ever [Don't mention that to the players].

Summon Creature: This spell can be used to summon special creatures not of Krynn, such as winged cats, werewolves, and any others the players can think of.To even attempt this the must be a mystic-sorcerer with summoning, animism, enchantment, and sensitivity. This spell is an impossible action [Ten points from both sorcery and musticism] and if there is a mishap the character dies instantly.

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