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Although elves call themselves the "firstborn" of Krynn, they are wrong. Ogres were the first to awaken. They were created during the Age of Starbirth to embody all that is Evil. However, a group of ogres broke free from their evil ways, and while their cousins grew ugly and dumb, they retained their beauty, intellect, and magic. They called themselves the Irda. The main populace of Irda were destroyed just before the Chaos war. However, there are still Irda on Ansalon. There are may also be other Irda settlements on unknown isles, or among the Dragon Isles. Right now, no one knows of the existance of Irda. All of them have either withdrawn from Ansalon, or are in disguise. Most Irda don't even let their closest friends know their secrets.

Description: Irda stand about six feet tall and are slender. Every race will acknowledge that the Irda have a cold beauty to them. They have pointed ears like elves, and they have eyes of silver. Their skin color ranges from midnoght blue to deep, sea green. Most Irda have black hair, but white or silver hair isn't uncommon. Irda dress in simple clothing, but they do favor silk. They all move with a delicate grace, and they never eat meat. They also will not don garments made of wool, leather, or any product from animals.

Role Playing: Irda are considered to have an arrogance that rivals that of the elves. They feel that the world does not welcome them anymore. They consider human and demihumans to be fragile, flighty, and hopelessly enslaved by their emotions. Therefore, they usually ignore all other races unless it is impossible, and tend to mock their weaknesses. The Irda don't really know what happened to their people prior the Chaos war. They have heard the "stories" of their people releasing Chaos, but they refuse to believe in it. They think that the other races released Chaos, and are responsible for the deaths of many Irda. Irda also believe that the people of Ansalon created that story like they created the stories about them stealing babies and granting wishes. Therefore, whenever anyone mentions anything about the Irda causing the second Cataclysm, they get angry.


To qualify as an Irda, a hero must have a minimum score of 7 in Agility, Reason, Dexterity, and Spirit. In addition, Irda have a maximum score of 8 in Strength, and a maximum of 7 in Endurance. Irda don't train in the arts of war. They just aren't taught to be warriors. To reflect this, Irda have a maximum ability code of "C" in Endurance, Strength, and Agility. Irda are creatures of magic, and all Irda are taught sorcery at an early age. To reflect this, and Irda hero must have a Reason score of at least "B".


Irda all have an innate ability to use the sphere of Alteration. So even if they have a Spirit code of "D", they can still use Alteration. If they have a Spirit code of "A" or "B", they still get the sphere of Alteration without using any of their sphere slots. Also, Irda are expert spellcasters. Therefore Irda with Reason codes of "B" can learn two schools of sorcery, while Irda with Reason codes of "A" can learn four schools of sorcery. They also get an automatic trump for any non-damaging spell they cast.


Irda are clumsy with the weapons of man. Therefore, they never recieve a trump bonus when using non-Irda weapons. In addition to the non-trump, Irda recieve a -3 bonus to using any edged weapon that is heavier than light. Irda, if they aren't disguised, recieve a -8 bonus to any Presence action when dealing with non-Irda. This is because the people of Ansalon blame them for the loss of the Gods, and countless lives. Because of their haughty nature, Irda don't gain trump bonuses for any non-Irda Presence when disguised.

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