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The Curse of The Wayward Soul

Let it be known to all who read this ranting that I, Cameron Smith (The Wayward Soul), am cursed.

Skeptics will scoff and say that curses do not exist, but I know that they do and my curse is this:

I will always be alone. . . no matter how much acceptance I gain and how many people are around me. I will always feel alone and misunderstood.

This is because until I can fully understand myself I will feel alone. And when I will find myself I do not know.

A Note From the Writer

The writings following this are my quest to find myself. Read on if you want to follow me on my way, but beware you may not like all that you find enclosed in these pages. Those without an open mind should venture no further, for my journey will take me to all sides of the spectrum; from taboo to the acclaimed. I mean no disrespect in what I say it’s just that I have to look at the issues from every angle to find that which suits me best.

Most of my rantings are from my heart and mine alone, others have been have been inspired by friends and family. I have tried to put these compositions into an order that is chronological, unfortunately that was near impossible so they are set up as close as I could get them. Some are also put close together because they deal with the same subject.

If you do choose to continue on from here all I can say is, ‘Welcome to my mind.’

If you don't have an open mind please do not go on. All writings contained on this page and all my other pages are property of me, Cameron Smith, and are copy written by me. They cannot be used or copied without my consent.

Yes, I have an open mind. I want to go on.
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