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Here you will find the names of adventurers who have died on the many deadly paths of Krynn and in the Vampire: The Dark Ages struggle. If you or someone you know wishes to be buried here tell me and it shall be done.

Signed: The Gravesman ________________________________________________________________________________

Migule (Afflicted Kender): Died while fighting Lord Soth and falling from his dragon.

Con Razon Corazon (Afflicted Kender): Killed by a vampire while on night watch.

Dumaunt Lord of the Vampires (Human Vampire): Killed in a barfight against a cyclops [Morte'started it.]

Morte' (Kogenesti Half-Elf): Attacked and killed by a group of carnivarous apes. Morte holds the record for the longest lived character in my DragonLance games.

Khaul Asmoth (Minotaur): Died in battle alongside Morte'.

Dyvim Kavar (Melnibonean): Killed in battle against too many Behirs (Narrator's fault).

Ashe (Melnibonean): Killed in battle against the Behirs.

Zephros Wayward (Civilized Human): Died a Paladin's death, in battle (Against the Behirs).

Freaden (Minotaur): Died in a charge against the leader of a tribe of barbarians, he did kill the leader though.

Goliath (Kogonesti Elf): After losing his tongue to his Samurai companion he died in a blazing glory (after messing up a fire spell) and was then eaten by Malstryx.

Adino Anvilsmash (Hylar Dwarf): His wind-pipe was cut, but by who. . . we do not know.

Submitted by others:

Rainslinger (unafflicted kender): crushed under Glare's massive foot ina rage over a few measley steel pieces.

Travis: Killed by many Sivac Draconians.

Euloralanthalasas Kanan (an extremely gorgeous elf maid): Met her tragic end nobely,if somewhat stupidly, in battle against her companion, a Paladin who betrayed her.

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