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The Ron Carey Campaign 

    Text of Ron Carey Letter, 11-25-97

    Tom Sever, General Secretary-Treasurer
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    25 Louisiana Ave., N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20001

    Dear Sir and Brother:

    This is to inform you that, pursuant to the provisions of Article VI, Section 8 (b) of the Constitution of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters ("IBT"), I am taking a temporary, unpaid, leave of absence, effectively immediately, from all IBT positions pending the outcome of my appeal of the November 17, 1997 decision of the Election Officer.

    I believe that the Election Officer's decision is demonstrably wrong and unfair. I totally reject the allegations that I knew of any attempts to violate the Election Rules in my 1996 campaign. It is a sad day when the word of a convicted criminal prevails over the word of a man who has stood for integrity all his life, and has not yet had his day in court. In spite of this injustice, I believe it in the best interest of the membership and the reform movvement that I remove myself from IBT decisionmaking while I fight my appeal. Accordingly, during this leave of absence, I will not participate in any decisions regarding the IBT.

    I have stood for integrity and fought against corruption for my whole life. I fully intend to clear my name and continue that fight. I look forward to my day in court, where all the facts can be aired openly and I am afforded the right to confront my accusers like any other American citizen.

    Fraternally yours,

    /s/ Ron Carey
    General President


    cc: All Members of the General Executive Board
    All Division and Department Directors
    All IBT Affiliates
    IBT General Counsel