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Welcome to the Caffeinated Places Headquarters

Welcome to the Headquarters of The Caffeinated Places. The Caffeinated Places is made in conjunction with Dumb And Jaded , my Our Lady Peace Site.

This is the REAL list of OLP sites. Why is it the real list? Because no-one gets snubbed. NO-ONE gets snubbed. Anyone who has put the effort into making a page dedicated to the band they love deserves a spot on the Caffeinated Places.

A lot of people don't have too much traffic to their site, right? Well, if everyone would link a place that features EVERYONE'S page (read: no rejections), then everyone would benifit, right? In other words, the more you contribute to the Caffeinated Places, the more everyone will benefit, and the more there will be a sense of unity in the OLP net community.

And are you getting tired of getting *cough* snubbed by the "important" OLP websites when it comes to linking? Well, have no fear, if EVERYONE links to the REAL list of OLP sites, the Caffeinated Places will be a place where EVERYONE goes to, and that means traffic to your site. So promote the Caffeinated Places. Promote equality among OLP fans. If you join, make sure to link to us with our nifty linking graphics!

So the Caffeinated Places will eventually be a starting point for website owners, and for web-surfers looking for a cool, OLP site. Basically, it's something that everyone will benefit from.


The Official Rotating Caffeinated Places Site List

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The Caffeinated Places Lounge, a message board.

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