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Sunshine's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage. This is my first attempt at anything harder than typing a letter. The above photo is one of my best buddies, Buster, the Boston Terrier (but, to many,a Boston Terror). He is seven years old and has more energy than three mile island can generate. We have so much fun playing matador and the bull. I will hold a towel beside me and Buster will charge it like a bull. After I move it he charges again. I also have a step dog, named Ace, a Jack Russell Terrier. He became part of my family when I married his human mom Teresa. Ace is not without tricks, he will jump up on the back door, about eye level and bounce up and down. You would think that he was on a trampoline. Hopefully, I will be able to add other interesting material for your reading and surfing pleasure. Thanks for visiting.

This is Buster chasing the neighbor's cat, and lucky for her, she had a climbing gear. This picture is here due to the efforts of my Boston Buddy, Nathalie, from Canada. Thanks, Nath. Thanks to the internet, I have made many, many friends, especially the Boston Terrier site, Bostons In Common. From there, I became acquainted with ICQ and made even more "friends". Many of us are planning to get together in Las Vegas in January, so we can put a face with a name. Another favorite site of mine is Since I am old, 48, I do like oldies music, especially the Motown sound. The Temptations, the Drifters, the Tams, Jackie Wilson, the Four Tops, the Platters and The Supremes are some of my favorite groups. I love to dance to Beach Music, and The Shag is one of my favorite dances. For those of you not familiar with it, it has the same steps as; the swing, the bop, the jitterbug. The main differance is you go back and forth with the beat, instead of around. (kinda like you are dancing in a ditch).It gained popularity in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and now has spread to most of the U.S.

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