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Bugbones Home Page

Bugbones Home Page

Bugbones. Just a silly site of fun art, links, humor...
Oh yeah. And bugs. There really is no method to my madness.

Bugbones is the little bug you see splattered on the windshield up there. He's the virtual mascot of my hobby site. He looks just about the way I felt after a year or two of battling HTML code, dragons, and dinosaurs. I keep him around to remind me of what I thought Web design was going to be: fun. Bugbones is just my hobby site, but I've linked some of my newer blogs to it, so that I can keep up with them. I've also picked out a handful of nice links.


Fun Art

Bugs Gone Wild

Trailer-Trash Haiku


Bugbones was my first website, and I used it to learn about HTML, FTP, and other cruel jokes and painful contrivances dreamed up by those of a scientific bent to confound artists and romantic types. Since coping with the Angelfire Web Shell upgrades didn't put me in my grave, I started another site, Southern Muse, which promises to do so. Both sites, along with some blogs, continue to plague me to this day.