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YAY!! I finally got something up!! And thats just the title!! Heh heh, So, anyways, the reason it went bye bye was because Im a total MORON!! Yep, thats me. Bwhahahaha!! -sigh- I cant believe it, I have to get a new guestbook...a new counter(hee hee, i found a place that'll let me start at a specific number! yay!)Oh well. So, it'll take me awhile to get all the links back on but I shall do it!!!!!! Peace!!

*Update*Well, kiddies, I finally got her up and running. Took me about two days once i finally got off my ass to to do something. Liks the new image? Ya know, with the blue instead of purple and all that junk. Im still working on it. Sign the "Holy" Guestbook and maybe my guardian angel wont shove a lighting bolt up yer....

Major Update!


*March 15, 2000*

  • Let's see...AJ's trying to go solo with Jonny No Name. Ok, no. He's not even singing his own stuff!! I mean, except for "If You Knew What Knew". Thats it. Oh well. If that fails, he could always go into business for a hair replacement center. "Im not only a member, Im the president!!!"
  • From sources at my lunch table at school, it is said that Kevin is moving to Buckhead, Atlanta!!! YAY!! Thats me!!! Hooray!! Maybe. And Brian has bought a house in Alpharetta, near my friends house, which is also in Atlanta! This is great!!! Two outta five aint bad...heh heh. Anyways, Im still working on the review of the comic book and the concert. I got some pics on cd, and they suck, but still Ill put them up.
  • If you want to read some old news to catch up on the BSB hype, go here: News Archive
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    All I Have To Give Ghetto Style
    A new look at the conversation mix

    BSB Fest '99
    A typical weekend for us.

    BSB Wars
    An un healthy obsession of GhettoB

    Chat With Fat
    We might have been talking to an actual Backstreet Boy.

    Larger Than Life
    A commentary on the vid.

    It's about damn time.

    Liz thought up of these and more are on the way.

    Pay Per View Concert: Ghetto B Style
    I payed for this...yest I have it on tape three times...wheres the justice?

    Brought to you by the same people who brought you this page.

    MTV Video Music Awards
    Proof that BSB is better than Nsuck

    Find out why this site is even here.

    These babies were taking up too much room.

    Shania f/ BSB
    The whore must die.

    The Shunned List
    The List of Losers

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Pretty Fly for a Jedi
    Hee hee..just look

    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
    Another commentary on another vid.

    The Atlanta BSB Concert
    Heck yeah, baby!!

    The Backstreet Project
    What is the world coming to? Oh yeah, I forgot, superheros that can dance and sing.

    All About Hiromi
    All About~Lissa~
    All About Liz(ard)
    All About Meg

    Ahhh, a new banner...soon Ill be able to excahnge it arcoss the world!! Bwhahahahaha!! But for now...it'll stay here.

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