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The above is my newest site. This one (Tears Of An Angel) will be open for the viewing but will NOT be updated. Thanks to everyone who made this site possible.

Tears Of An Angel...

A Look Into Despair

Was it wings I heard or merely the wind?

That sweet melody...they're singing again

They are perfection, flawless in every way

They dance in the starlight, soft music they play

They're so beautiful, so full of grace

You can see a little of them in each person's face

That simple glow they have, such magic in their eyes

You just feel them watching over you as you stare up at the skies

You can smell sweet scents when they are near

And feel a sense of serenity, you have no fears

But these angels are sad, so deep in despair

Because the world is so black and cold...no one seems to care

Children being killed by guns and knives

Drugs bring chemical happiness, ruining so many lives

Aids, cancer, disease killing us all, listen to the angels weep

Let their wings embrace you as you drift off to sleep

Have no worries, live for today never tomorrow

Let go of your grudges, be freed from your sorrow

Or the world will continue to be cold and black

Hell on earth...no turning back

Hearts will be broken, chaos will rise and they'll continue to cry

The Tears Of An Angel

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