What Mitch gets up to after the sun goes down is his own business

After the Sun Goes Down

The Unofficial Baywatch Nights Website

What Mitch gets up to after the sun goes down is his own business
Baywatch Nights is one of the most under-rated TV shows ever and as I noticed there was bearly any coverage of this wonderful program on the 'Net, I thought I'd make a site.

Yep, there was nothing better than settling down to bed at night with a steaming cup of Bellisimo hot chocolate, flicking on the TV to be greeted with the glorious theme music-"After the Sun Goes Down". Then I would see the title's flash before me: Mitch running around, Ryan looking for clues and Garner with a pair of hand-cuffs. Now this is good television.
And if that's not enough, after the titles is the actual program itself-the perfect cocktail of suspence, humour and action. What a show.

'Nights centres around the Private Investigator Agency called Buchannon, Ellerby and McBride which is owned and run by Mitch Buchannon, Garner Ellerby and Ryan McBride. There office is situated near the Malibu beach front, above a bar called (conincedently) Nights where a wise old man named Lou sings.
Basically, someone(usually an attractive woman) comes to Mitch for help, but can't really afford the services of Mitch and his detective cohorts. They agree to do the case anyway, and after a little snooping around, some heavy pulls up in a car and tries to scare them off the case. This only makes them more determined. Then rest usually involves one or all of the three going under cover and a chase scene(which always ends with Mitch jumping off something, flying through the air and landing on the crook before landing several punches and knocking him out). This is the show your televsion was made for.

Welcome to be slice of the web dedicated to Baywatch Nights......

This Baywatch Ring site is owned by Gary Kelman.

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