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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/1/98 I heard that ty will make a polar bear named Titanic. And his birthday will be the day Titanic sank. Tina I Heard there might be a ghost named boo A reindeer A bear dressed in a witches costume -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/1/98 I heard that ty is going to make all of the same animals as the retired ones. For instance, he would make another tye-die bear, another mouse, another camel, another toucan, etc. So sooner or later we might have the retirees all over again but with different names styles colors and poems! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/1/98 ~I heard that a prince bear is coming out. (blue) ~new teenie beanies in August ~ty is going to retire all beanies 2001 ~cloud the blue and white bear, and a yin yang bear ~A C.J the blue dog ~"frankie the bear" with blue eyes in memory of Frank Sinatra -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/1/98 I have heard some really "out-there" rumours about new BB's. 1. There's a new crocodile and it's sort of in a circle shape, it's tail is very close to it's snout if you get the picture I'm trying to make with words here. It has little felt teeth like Crunch's and is grinning here's all the info: Name: Casey the Crocodile Birthdate: July 30, ? Poem: Casey is a crocodile She forever has a smile Everytime she is around Not a soul has on a frown! Color: Lizzy's "blue-black" material except the background will be "Legs green" and the dots will still be black. Maybe this is why they retired Lizzy??? 2. (This one is extremely close to unbelievable) yet ANOTHER tye-died teddy named Sherry, the "Mary Poppins Bear" ??? Name: Sherry Birthdate: The day that "Mary Poppins was released on video (a bit weird huh?) Poem: Sherry has a neat umbrella Carrying her from fella to fella (what does that have to do with it?) Carefully she lands -slowly now! Here she comes to be your pal! Color: Tye-died with either a blue umberalla or a white one on her chest 3. Another bear- now this is kind of odd, I've heard this one circulating plus there was a picture of it somewhere. It wasn't another beanie with cut-and-paste and re-coloring, it was new. And not a fake. You could tell by both tags Name: Earthy the Bear Birthday: Arbor Day Poem: Earthy wants to help the world Teaching every boy and girl How to recycle, reuse, reduce! Her favorite tree is the lovely spruce! Color: Earthy is a tan, not brown, adorable bear with a forest green ribbon around her neck. On her chest will be what else but the earth with North and South America facing front. In her hang tag there is a little recycle sign. Okay, I'm going on record­ I am giving you my guess about who will retire next. Here it is: Blackie, Chocolate, Crunch, Congo, Curly, Daisy, Ringo, Scoop, Seaweed, Sly, Spike, Stinky and maybe Wrinkles. These are the oldest beanies still available. Some are as old as 1994­antiques in the Beanie world. When will the next retirement be? Well, of course, nobody knows for sure but I'll go with October. (Just this funny feeling I got!) Orlando Crunch--A collector who attended the football game between the Orlando Predators and the Nashville Kats received Crunch the shark. However, the commemorative card was not given with Crunch; instead, an information card had to be filled out and mailed in to receive the commemorative card. 8/27/98--40,000 Canadian Beanies Stolen--From CToys-- Rumor in Canada is that a fully loaded courier truck was stolen from the loading dock of Ty Canada in Aurora last night. Apparently, the truck and all its contents have been taken with no current leads. The contents, waiting to be shipped West to fill orders, supposedly number over 40,000 beanies with a wholesale value of over $180,000. There wasn't anything in today's Toronto Star but it may take a few days for the news to surface to verify this in print from a journalist's column. A retailer based in Aurora, said that her customers had told her this as well and that the retailer called into the offices to see if her shipment was on that truck... 8/26/98--A New HummingBird?--From Toy Box--The time for rumors has begun. With a possible retirement looming sometime between Sept-Oct and possible new releases in the fall, speculation again builds up steam. One of our readers writes: "Hi, I have some BIG beanie news, they are not rumors!!!!!! I do not have a scanner so I unfortunately cannot supply a picture but let me tell you, this little bird is so cute!!! I have seen one of the new beanies to be announced. I was at a store and saw them right out of the TY box and bag of 12, the girl working there didn't know what beanies were so she didn't know not to put them out!!!! Here is his poem: Hummer The Bird Birth date 11/12/98 Hummer the Bird can fly forward or backwards. Talking to his friends with hums instead of words. Hummer drinks nectar from flowers all day. Your very lucky this little bird came your way. This is on memory but I'm pretty sure every word is right, he is like a shiny green with little green wings sticking out, a long black nose, black underside and little dainty feet, just darling! The TY swing tag is back to normal print "like the 4rth gen but lot lighter, looks better" so it has a 6th generation hang tag!!! This is big beanie news, I will keep you posted as I wasn't able to purchase one, when the girl seen my excitement and I explained she called her boss and pulled them back!!!!! I was so mad!!!!! This is the first of many rumors over the next few weeks and months. Please note most rumors pan out only to be a invention of someone's vivid imagination. So please take all in fun and have a great beanie time whether the rumors turn out to be true or false. 8/19/98 -- Ty Produces Promotional Beanies--Four new bears, one named Always, Chairman of the Bear, Frank Sinatra bear (with old fashion microphone), Jr. bear (Johnny Cash), Catera the Cadillac Duck are to be sold exclusively at Cadallac dealers, and Sharky (a rehashed Crunch) to be sold at Shark Stadium "The Shark Tank". These pictures are marked Ty Promotional, because Ty is the source for these exclusives. According to an inside source, many other companies are petitioning Ty for production of exclusives. (Ty has warned that these and any others not anounced on their sight are not "official" Ty promotions) 7/23/98--Cloud, Sterling, Bluebelle -- Beanie Babies all over are turning up with mistagged tushes. The names that have been found on tush tags are: Cloud, Sterling, and maybe Bluebelle. (This was sent in to CTOYSs) 7/21/98--Fake Clubbys--Fake Clubbies have beaten the real thing to the secondary Market place. A dealer selling fakes was spotted at a show recently. The fake Clubbies have a noticably lighter color. They are a light blue as compared to the royal blue of the real thing. There have been many other reports of counterfeits of the newest styles. Don't assume it is real just because of the red stamp on the tush. It has already appeared on some fakes while some of the new real Beanie Babies are missing the red stamp. Retired Beanies with stamped tush tags--There are many reports of retired Beanies such as Flip, Stripes, Blizzard, Bones, Gracie, Echo, Jolly, Cubbie and Rover showing up in stores in the latest shipment. Some of them even had the "new" oval on the tush tags. What goes on in Ty's warehouse? 7/16/98--Heard on AOL--Be on the look-out for a display of Clubby the Bear at your local retailer's store. Ty will be shipping each store that participated in selling the club kits, one Clubby bear for display so that people can see what he looks like. A few stores in our area have already received theirs! Puff and Bruno to retire?-- SomeTy reps told several retailers that Puffer and Bruno would be retired. Please remember, though, that reps have stated inaccurate or totally false statements before. I think I might pick a few extra just in case! Spunky to retire?-- Since Spunky and Fetch are the same pattern and color except Spunky has different ears, some are betting he is on the next retirement list. 7/13/98--My husband, always the skeptic, thinks that U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky didn't really get all those beanies in China for her daughter--he thinks she got them for Hillary! Hillary Clinton is a known beanie collector. She must have been in Beanie heaven in China!! Maybe Clinton's Trade Rep is taking the fall for his wife. Why else would a susposedly big time trade lawyer risk the scandal? How could she not have known that buying blackmarket beanies would cause a problem for her and the administration? (Oh, yeah! My husband just reminded me of the glazed over look I get when I find a store with beanies. The look, he says, is most obvious just before all brain sells leave my head and I que up in line with hundreds of other glazed looking lemmings! Perhaps she had "the fever" and just couldn't control herself) What do you think? 7/11/98-- From Beaniemonium--There's a new beanie showing up on the streets of Beijing. It's called the 1998 Teddy. It looks just like the 1997 Beanie, but has a different poem and a different name. Watch out for it. Don't know if Ty has "officially" made any yet, or even thought about a 1998 Teddy. This was sent in by someone who has a co-worker "on duty" in Beijing who is an avid collector. From Ctoys--Glory Poem Variation--Appears there may be two variations of the Glory Poem, one with: Wearing the flag for all to see Symbol of freedom for you & me Red, white & blue - Independence Day Happy Birthday USA! The poem was verified with a picture on Gabi's, however no picture for the poem listed on some web sites as: Oh Say can you see Glory's proud of her country Born on Independence Day The bear lives in the USA ! From Ctoys--Fake Kukus--Several of the new beanies are showing up as fakes, including KuKu which has an off-white (almost yellow) color in place of the nice white it should have. 7/9/98-- Retirement rumors are starting to circulate again-- A retailer said he heard there would be a major retirement September 1st. That goes with the one that Princess will retire August 31. Email me with who you think will be the next to retire. Fake Britannia--Watch out for fake Britannias. They are good quality, but the star is a darker color, more of a mustard yellow instead of the bright yellow. The writing on the swing tag is very exxagerated oriental and the ribbon is not the same on both sides The ribbon is the most common give-away on fakes. Ty use double sided ribbon. From Information Today - Greenish-Blue Quackers -- "Vicky Krupka has confirmed that the Blueish greenish Quackers is indeed as fake as Red Pinky. This was published on the latest issue of Beaniemania Magazine on newsstands now. " Added 7/5/98-- One beanie collector recently noticed that her Peace bears were made out of the same material as Rainbow and says that it really gives Peace a different look when compared to the older Peace bears. Has anyone else noticed this? Glory will be available in Canada. It is reported that his name is on the order sheet for Canadian stores ! (Then why can't we get Maple in the US?) Mystic is back with the yellow horn in Canada. It is rumored that a rep told a retailer that the material from the wings of Magic was now used up so the horn was returned to the previous material. (If this is true, you better get out there and try to find the irradescant horned Mystic in a hurry!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 7/4/98-- Princess to retire on anniversary of her death --This is a great rumor! A reader reported that he heard that Princess has been taken off the order form for store owners and that she is going to be having her own special retirement date of the anniversary of the Princesse's death. Keep those notes coming in! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 7/2/98 -- Wise to be a limited edition-- Because of the dated hat Wise the owl wears, many believe that he will be retiring by the fall. The rush to get this new beanie is on. Prices on the internet for Wise are in the $35-40 range already and will go up if he really does retire by fall. Ty to get into the cartoon busisness-- Rumor is that Curly will be the star of a Saturday morning cartoon show that will include most of the Beanies in the collection. Oct. 98 releases??-- will be as follows: Spiney the Hedgehog, Cloud the Bear, Sammy the Samoyed, Arthur the Ant, and yes, even Creepy the SNAIL will be released! Princess, Curly and Valentino to retire-- (This one we have all heard before so don't hold your breath) They will be retired in the next retirement in October. The 1999 Teenie Promotion is in the planning stages. --They are making prototypes and trying to get all of the Teenies made by one manufacturer. Apparently, that is why some of the 98 collection is harder to find. One manufacturer could not get some of the Teenies sewn well enough so they had to contract out the harder Teenies to produce. Prince has been seen around the internet and I have talked to one of my sources close to Ty Inc. and this is just in the prototype stages. He may show up January 99 at the earliest. C.J. a Blue dog will be released on Oct 13th 1998 (the next retirement also). The rumor that Clubby will not be available for long is false. The only way you will know if they have stopped production is if you get your membership certificate and don't have a order form included. Get yours in today!!!! A new animal is in the works for the next Club exclusive gift to members. I would like to hear from my readers. Send me any comments or rumors that you hear. I will give you credit and if you don't want your name revealed the you can just be my "contact". I would also like to have your guesses on the next batch of releases. Even if you make some up that is o.k. Pretend you work for Ty, in the prototype dept. Give me a name for your Beanie, a description, and even a poem if you want. email me ! Can't wait to hear from you. More rumors to come! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All rumors on this page are strictly just that, "rumors", they have been relayed to me by various sources (whom I can't reveal) and ,after all, rumors are just to have fun. And remember... Beanies are meant to be fun ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------