Eyes Right!. Members of the Cadet Corp Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP), Cadets/Cadettes of the Philippine Military Academy, the "West Pointers of Asia" proudly march and recognizes their Commander in Chief and the AFP Brass during the annual AFP Anniversary held in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

Target Acquired. Philippine Army NCO Sgt. Edwin Corpus an Army marksman assessed a newly US supplied sniper rifle. This is a .50-caliber single shot, two kilometer range bolt action model weighing about twenty pounds with scope and bipod and used primarily by the US Navy SEALs Commando units and the Philippine Army Scout Ranger Sniper teams.

AIFV at War. This is a Philippine Army AIFV belonging to the 23rd Light Armoured Company supporting the 402nd Infantry (Stinger) Brigade in the Lanao Del Norte/Sur area of operations.

Photo courtesy of Captain Bravo, PA

"PAAC" Forever. The Philippine Army was the first "air force" of the Philippines until the official PAF came into existence. Here a Cessna 172 skyhawk with Philippine Army markings is used for light transport and liason duties and is seen here based at Camp Olivas in Pampanga province.
Command Post. On the turret of his SIMBA armoured vehicle, a Philippine Army Lieutenant commanding an armoured column awaits his order to advance and support Philippine foot soldiers in an on going combat operation somewhere in Southern Philippines
Visual Reccon. A Philippine Army Scout Ranger detachment commander in Mindanao scans his defense perimeter looking for possible threat from the enemy within.
Liberators! Members of the Philippine Army elite scout rangers with their panther patch in their shoulder fatigues liberates a Mindanao provincial capital city from muslim rebels.

Photo courtesy of Frank Suha of the "Philippine Marines Homepage.

"Purple Heart". At bedside in a Zamboanga military hospital, Philippine Government soldier Private First Class Andrew Apid is awarded the AFP Wounded Personnel Medal (equivalent to America's Purple Heart Medal) from his Commander in Chief President Joseph Estrada for wounds he received during combat action against Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels somewhere in the Mindanao area of operations.

Up Telescope! Philippine Army Scout Ranger commander Captain Ruben Guinolbay,a PMA'94 and Fort Benning trained officer with his black-claded, panther-skinned uniformed rangers test sight an Austrain-made AUG-Styer automatic assault weapon with a Philippine army soldier dressed on a green sniper suit looking on.

More about Cpt. Guinolbay, PA here under stories section.

Full Metal Convoy. A Philippine Army High Mobility Multi Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HuMMWVee) leads two SIMBA Armored Infantry Figthing Vehicles of the Philippine Army Light Armoured Regiment (PALAR) possibly as an advance party as it travels on hostile ground somewhere in the Mindanao area of combat operations. These vehicles are the backbone of the Philippine Army's ground mobility in its counter insurgency campaign.
Mindanao Safari. Led by a Simba Armoured Personnel Carrier, members of a Philippine Army company takes a rest stop. These soldiers, members of the Second Infantry Division are part of the AFP operations in the hunt for muslim rebels hold in a Southern Mindanao province.
Riot Soldiers. When the people needs help, they call the police. But when the police needs help, they don't call the SWAT, they call the Philippine Army. Here an army infantryman donned his riot gear ready to face civilian demonstrators somewhere in Manila.
Village People. Trained by the Philippine Army Special Forces, members of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) checks their vintage weapons as they prepare to patrol their territory against muslim and communist rebels operating within their area.
Philippine Amazons. Members of the Philippine Army Womens Auxilliaryt Corp (WAC) parades in Fort Bonifacio as they show off their figthing image. The image of a woman warrior which is the Amazon.
Operation Market Time. "An army that does not feed is an army that will bleed." This two soldiers seems to know that well. They are their unit KP's (Kitchen personnel) shown here during market day at a town they are nearby assigned to buying groceries for their meals.
Hi ho hi ho off to work we go. Riding on a public jeepney, members of the Philippine Army 1st Infantry "Tabak" Division heads to their base camp somewhere in Zamboanga City.
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