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In times of strife, the Philippines call upon their army. From one conflict to another, the course of Philippine history rides and has ridden, in the foot soldierís knapsack - the destiny of the Filipino nation decided on the blade of its bayonet and the steel of his nerve. Their outfit always stands out, either of what they have done, or what is demanded of them. Lapu-lapu was the first. Armed with spears and bolos, he led his men and defeated the Spanish Army off the coast of Mactan. In Tirad Pass, was Gen. Gregorio del Pilar who stayed behind and held at bay the US Army and gave time for his superior to escape. Not to forget Andres Bonifacio and his revolutionary katipuneros that made them the epitaph of a Filipino warrior.

Wherever they were called upon, their bravery knew no limitations of cause and country, They have seen action here and there. There were the Philippine Army scout divisions commanded by Gen's Capinpin, Segundo, Lim and Castaneda named by Winston Churchill as the "BATTLING BASTIONS OF BATAAN" during World War II. The underground forces of the Hunter's ROTC and the Marking Guerilla units. Captain Conrado Yapís Battalion Combat Team fighting in the snow capped hills of Korea and the PEFTOK's legendary "machine gun" artillery unit. Colonel Fidel Ramosís "fighting civies" of the PHILCAG in the Vietnam War, Colonel ďTatangĒ Blandoís elites of the FIRST SCOUT RANGER REGIMENTin the hills of Mindanao. Captain Art Ortiz 606th SPECIAL FORCES COMPANY who fought with flying colors in Negros province and more.

When special men and women were needed, these breeds who rose above themselves stepped forward. There were the Silangs, Diego and Gabriela, husband and wife who led the Ilocanos fight foreign invaders. The Aguinaldo brothers, Emilio and Crispulo who spearheaded the Cavite uprisings against Spain. There was Lt. Ferdinand Marcos who led a 4-man team and destroyed a Japanese gun outfit in Mt. Natib during World War II which threatened Gen. Capinpinís 21st Infantry Division in Bataan. It earned him the Medal of Valor and the most decorated Filipino soldier of the war. Whoever they were or are, they face and overcome the challenges only a special few of Filipinos can meet.

These are the kind of breed, men and women, squads and divisions that stand apart from the rest - proud, loyal, defiant, elite.

Welcome to the Philippine Army's UNOFFICIAL HOMEPAGE in which its men and women, then, today and tomorrow this page is honorably dedicated to.


Special Units
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Updated on 18 July 2006
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