Star Parties
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good!

The Astronomy Club of Augusta is accustomed to leading Star Parties in the greater CSRA area. These programs are free and can be tailored to the needs of the school or group requesting it. Please make your request to our Vice President of Observing as soon as possible, as our preparation requires some advance planning and coordination with the person in charge of your group and with our membership.

Our experience indicates that elementary school groups benefit most from Star Parties focused on locating and identifying naked-eye objects in the sky. This is a very important basic skill necessary to all astronomers, and can provide lasting lifetime enjoyment for everyone. We can provide tips and assistance on how to have fun practicing this skill, sometimes with a simple star chart, but without the encumbrance of little hands holding (relatively) heavy binoculars or (impatiently) waiting in line and straining at telescopes for details that cannot be well understood until they have a basic understanding of the layout of the heavens above.

For somewhat older middle school students and their parents, naked-eye and star chart skills continue to develop along with some training on the use of binoculars. We can arrange to supply binoculars for the occasion in adequate numbers. These students are often amazed at the discoveries available with this tool. They often benefit from some assistance with handling their own binoculars, and should be encouraged to bring them with them.

High school groups and adults can continue to improve naked-eye, star chart, and binocular skills while moving in on details of currently interesting phenomena. Learning to keep a log book will confirm skills and confidence. Those who have read and viewed astronomy photos can benefit from discussions and demonstrations. Now the telescope becomes an inspiring revelation and confirmation as to the immensity, variety and detail of distant objects.
Discovery is just a few steps away.

Special groups can arrange for special needs.

Please email us, with the following information. We will be happy to help you.

1. Your name, phone, email,
background/experience in astronomy.
2. Are you in charge? Are others in charge as well? Principal, ...
3. Date or general season you want to have the StarParty.
4. Location: place, address, directions.
5. Will this be a dark sky occasion? Can you have the night lights in the area turned off?
6. How many people do you expect?
7. Type of people you expect: Students and parents, visiting astronomy club, business club, public invitation, . . .
8. What you want to see: stars, planets, moons, meteors, galaxies, . . . in particular . . .
9. What you want to include: speaker, indoor displays, outdoor displays, star charts, binoculars, number of telescopes needed. . .
10. Your preparation of the group ahead of time? How we can help you with this.

for more information or to schedule a Star Party.

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